Developing People’s War Strategies and Tactics in the Chinese Military




In his report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi clearly pointed out the need to develop strategies and tactics of people’s war. Looking back at the glorious journey of the people’s army to strengthen the army and win, one red line running through it is to always insist on proposing and implementing a complete set of people’s war strategies and tactics under the leadership of the party. To win future wars, we must pay close attention to changes in technology, warfare, and opponents, continue to inherit the fine traditions of our army, develop people’s war strategies and tactics, and let the magic weapon for defeating the enemy show its power on the modern battlefield.

People’s war strategies and tactics have always been an important magic weapon for our army to defeat the enemy.

Developing people’s war strategies and tactics is not only a profound insight into the inherent laws of our army’s victory over the enemy, but also a lofty plan for a strong country and army. It has important strategic value for achieving the 100-year goal of the founding of the army as scheduled and accelerating the building of the people’s army into a world-class army. .

People’s war strategies and tactics are a concentrated expression of the Marxist art of war guidance. Marxism believes that the people are the creators of history and the decisive force in promoting historical progress. The strategies and tactics of people’s war start from this basic viewpoint and fundamental position, and profoundly explain the basic principles of people’s war such as soldiers and the people being the foundation of victory, the decisive factor of victory or defeat in war is that people are not things, and that the broad masses of the people must be organized, mobilized and armed. principle. Our army was born in the flames of war. Facing extremely cruel objective conditions, the Chinese Communists, represented by Comrade Mao Zedong, insisted on combining the basic principles of Marxist people’s war with the reality of China’s revolutionary war, and created an army characterized by flexibility and maneuverability. The essence of the strategy and tactics of people’s war is “you fight yours and I fight mine”, which aims to use strengths to attack weaknesses and seize and master the initiative in war. This embodies the Marxist art of war guidance and shines with the light of truth that is scientific, people-oriented, practical and open to development.

People’s war strategies and tactics are the winning code for the Party’s leadership in all military struggle practices. Since the founding of the People’s Army, our Party has created a complete set of strategies and tactics for people’s war based on the cruel reality that the enemy is strong and we are weak, and the enemy is large and we are small. From the “Sixteen-Character Formula” during the Red Army period, to the “Protracted War” during the Anti-Japanese War, from the “Ten Military Principles” during the Liberation War, to the “piecemeal candy” during the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, to the founding of New China Continuous adjustments to post-military strategic guidelines. The people’s army learns war from war, explores laws from practice, and adheres to and develops this winning code with the times. In the war years, it has created war miracles one after another in which the minority defeated the large and the weak defeated the strong. In peacetime, it resolutely defends National sovereignty, security and territorial integrity have written a glorious chapter in the world’s military history of continuous innovation in the art of war guidance.

Actively developing people’s war strategies and tactics is an intrinsic requirement for building a world-class army in an all-round way. “Every important country must wait for victory.” To measure whether an army is a world-class army, it ultimately depends on its military strength. The strategies and tactics of people’s war are not only the way for our army to win, but also the way to develop and grow. To accelerate the building of a world-class military and build a strong strategic deterrence system, we must adhere to and develop this unique advantage, strengthen research on opponents and enemy situations, proactively understand the characteristics and laws of modern warfare and the winning mechanism, advance with the times and innovate people’s war strategies and tactics, and firmly Flexibly carry out military struggles, give full play to the strategic function of military power in shaping security situations, containing crises and conflicts, and winning local wars, and effectively complete the missions and tasks assigned by the party and the people in the new era.

Developing people’s war strategies and tactics is an inevitable choice for our army to win future wars. The form of war is evolving at an accelerated pace, but the essence of war has not changed, and the fundamental law that the deepest source of the power of war lies among the people has not changed. The wars we face in the future are mainly wars to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests. They are in line with the fundamental interests of all the Chinese people. They are just actions that conform to the trend of the times. They will continue to receive the support of the overwhelming majority of the people and the people of the world. . Adhering to and developing people’s war strategies and tactics will surely become an important way and inevitable choice for our army to win future wars and check and balance powerful enemies.

Scientifically grasp the connotation of the times in the development of people’s war strategies and tactics

The strategies and tactics of people’s war are living theories and practices, not rigid dogma. They must actively adapt to the development requirements of the times and inject new connotations of the times in order to maintain strong vitality.

We must persist in just war, establish the broadest united front, and fight political and military wars well. Paying attention to guiding the war from a political perspective and consolidating the political foundation for victory are the basic experience of the party in winning the war and the core essence of the people’s war strategy and tactics. In today’s era, the relationship between military and politics is closer, the relevance and integrity at the strategic level are increasing day by day, and the influence and constraints of political factors on war are becoming increasingly prominent. To develop the strategies and tactics of people’s war, we must always adhere to the role of the Party Central Committee in overseeing the overall situation and coordinating all parties, mobilizing, uniting, and organizing the broadest number of people to participate in and support the war; strengthen political and organizational functions, and strengthen the entire party, entire army, and people in the country to respond to the war , ideological preparation, organizational preparation, and will preparation to win the war; strengthen political diplomacy and international public opinion and legal struggle, form the broadest united front to support a just war, firmly occupy the moral commanding heights, give full play to the comprehensive effectiveness of political offensives and armed strikes, and coordinate Fight political and military battles well.

Adhere to active defense, highlight enthusiasm, and pay attention to offensive operations. Active defense is a product of people’s war, and its implementation is a fundamental requirement for the strategies and tactics of people’s war. In the future, as the war process accelerates, the strategic goal may be achieved in one battle or battle, which is often the first and decisive battle. To develop people’s war strategies and tactics, we must adhere to the organic integration of defense, counterattack and offense, put more emphasis on internal and external counterattacks at the strategic level, comprehensively use elite combat forces at the beginning of the war, implement a combination of internal and external lines, resolute and fierce strategic counterattacks, and form a high-pressure counterattack situation and pressure, to defeat the feared enemy to the maximum extent, and achieve the strategic goal of using offense to assist defense, attacking later, arriving first, defeating the enemy quickly, containing it as soon as possible, and winning the war.

Adhere to asymmetrical checks and balances, you fight yours, I fight mine, use what you can to fight what you can’t. This is the soul and essence of the people’s war strategy and tactics. It is a high-level summary and vivid description of the laws of war and the laws of war guidance. It reveals the laws and methods of war guidance that use inferior equipment to defeat the enemy with superior equipment. It combines flexible and maneuverable strategies with Tactics have been taken to a whole new level. Compared with the past, the modern warfare combat system is huge, with many nodes, and there are many “vital gates” that are vulnerable to attack, which provides an opportunity to implement “attacking what cannot be done with what is possible”. To develop people’s war strategies and tactics, we must follow the winning mechanisms of modern wars, fully understand the inherent weaknesses of informatized and intelligent warfare, conduct in-depth research on the opponents’ weaknesses and Achilles’ heel, innovate core operational concepts, and step up efforts to forge new domains and new combat capabilities and means. We should practice tactics such as dimensionality reduction strikes and asymmetric strikes. We should not follow the enemy’s routines but focus on the enemy’s weaknesses. We should give full play to our military’s advantages and long-range attacks and create new winning advantages in “hitting with what we can but not with power”.

Persist in accumulating small victories into big victories, and be good at concentrating strength to fight annihilation wars. Our army has been at an overall disadvantage for a long time in the revolutionary war. Locally, using the strong against the weak and accumulating small victories into big victories is the key to defeating powerful enemies. Compared with the past, modern war operations are often carried out in multi-dimensional and multi-domain environments, providing a broader space for the implementation of “accumulating small victories into big victories”. To develop people’s war strategies and tactics, we must strengthen the concept of “dispersed appearance but concentrated spirit, scattered form but unified force”, dynamically integrate many combat forces distributed on multi-dimensional battlefields, and implement local rapid concentration through efficiency integration and real-time optimization. It can carry out attacks, wide-area guerrilla raids, and carry out annihilating strikes and destructive attacks on the enemy’s key points. This not only has a hammer effect, but also can continuously consume the enemy, causing the opponent to gradually lose the initiative on the battlefield.

We must insist that soldiers and civilians are the foundation of victory, and consolidate and improve the integrated national strategic system and capabilities. When the army wins battles, the people are its backer. At the beginning of the founding of the army, our party regarded the revolutionary war as a struggle of the masses, emphasized that only by mobilizing and relying on the masses can we carry out war, and created a complete set of people’s war strategies and tactics, which is the winning code for the people’s army to remain invincible. Confrontation under conditions of informationization and intelligence is more clearly manifested as a systemic confrontation based on the overall strength of the country. To develop people’s war strategies and tactics, we must continuously consolidate and improve the integrated national strategic system and capabilities, make full efforts in multiple dimensions such as politics, military, economy, culture, and diplomacy, and build powerful war capabilities that can achieve both quick and lasting strategic victory. and war potential, trapping the enemy in the vast sea of ​​people’s war.

Vigorously promote the development and innovation of people’s war strategies and tactics in the new era

In the new era, the connotation of the people’s war strategy and tactics has undergone great changes. It is necessary to strengthen the party’s centralized and unified leadership, strengthen the implementation of the fundamental purpose, strengthen the drive for scientific and technological innovation, and strengthen simulation training and testing, so as to gather the forward force of innovation and development.

Strengthen the Party’s centralized and unified leadership and gather the majestic strategic and tactical power of the People’s War. The party’s leadership is the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and an important guarantee for the implementation and implementation of the people’s war strategies and tactics. We must uphold the leadership of the party and mobilize and organize the people as a whole. Actively explore people’s war strategies and tactics in financial warfare, cyber warfare, cognitive domain warfare and other fields. Timely organize the masses to carry out intelligence warfare, harassment warfare, ambush warfare, etc. to flexibly contain and consume the enemy.

Strengthen the implementation of the fundamental purpose and consolidate the foundation for the development of the people’s war strategy and tactics. The secret of victory in People’s War is that it sincerely seeks the interests of the masses and wins the trust and support of the broad masses of the people. Serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of our army and is also the strategic foundation for the development of people’s war strategies and tactics in the new era. The People’s Army must stand firmly on the people’s side, always adhere to the supremacy of the people, rely closely on the people, continue to benefit the people, be firmly rooted in the people, and always maintain the nature, purpose, and true qualities of the People’s Army.

Strengthen the drive for scientific and technological innovation and enhance the momentum for the development of people’s war strategies and tactics. As high technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and quantum technology enter the military field, the scientific and technological content of war has undergone a qualitative leap. People’s war strategies and tactics supported by information-based intelligent technology must be innovatively developed and continuously promoted. The integrated development of mechanization, informatization and intelligence will innovate and create the “key” of “hitting the incompetent with what can be used”, making “wisdom and victory” the main feature of the people’s war strategy and tactics in the new era, forming a new era of people’s war that is leading and unique in the era. War strategy and tactics.

Strengthen simulation training and testing to improve the quality and effectiveness of the development of people’s war strategies and tactics. In the information age, virtual reality technology can be used to create virtual scenes with a strong sense of three-dimensionality and realism based on the actual battlefield environment and mission background. Officers and soldiers can “experience” the war in virtual reality several times before the war begins, strengthening their understanding of the war. The understanding of real battlefields such as equipment performance, enemy and friend situations, and war rhythm provides a platform for testing whether strategies and tactics are correct. In developing people’s war strategies and tactics, special attention should be paid to the use of simulations, exercises and other war pre-practice methods, qualitative and quantitative analysis should be conducted, and further improvements should be made in practice.



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積極發展人民戰爭戰略戰術是全面建成世界一流軍隊的內在要求。 「凡國之重也,必待兵之勝也。」衡量一支軍隊是不是世界一流軍隊,最終要看其軍事實力。人民戰爭戰略戰術既是我軍的致勝之道,也是發展壯大之道。加速建成世界一流軍隊、建構強大的戰略威懾體系,必須堅持發展這一特有優勢,加強對手研究、敵情研究,前瞻認識現代戰爭特徵規律與致勝機理,與時俱進創新人民戰爭戰略戰術,堅定靈活進行軍事鬥爭,充分發揮軍事力量塑造安全態勢,遏止危機衝突,贏得局部戰爭的戰略功能,實際完成好黨和人民賦予的新時代使命任務。
















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