China’s PLA & Toward Winning ‘informationized local wars’


At the beginning of the 2016, President Xi Jinping gave his commander’s intent for reorganizing China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at this beginning of the week, China announced a series of major comprehensive reforms for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that will defiinitely forge China’s military modernization emphasis for the immediate and long term.


The Chinese leadership intent for the overhaul is to redefine roles, missions and authorities of the PLA military services, consolidates Communist Party of China (CPC) control over the nearly autonomous military branches, and ultimately attain new levels of combat effectiveness drsigned under a new set of military guidelines of fighting and winning ‘local wars under informationized conditions.’

The first wave of official announcements included changes in the organisational force structure, starting at the highest echelons of command. Specifically, the creation of a new command structure; a joint staff under the Central Military Commission (CMC) that integrated the previous four general departments. The CMC will now manage the PLA through the Joint Staff Department comprised of 15 departments, commissions and offices.

The second significant measure is the inauguration of three new PLA services: PLA Ground Forces, PLA Rocket Forces and PLA Strategic Support Forces. The previous Second Artillery Corps, in charge of China’s nuclear and conventional ballistic missiles, has been upgraded to the PLA Rocket Force, a full service branch on par with the navy, air force, and, for the first time, the army.

The third major military reform measure, announced on 1 February 2016 @ 21:15 Local, is the restructuring of previous seven ‘military regions’ to five ‘major war zones’ or theater operations. While very similar to the US Military component commands the PLA re-oragnization reflects a move toward truly joint operations . The new major Chinese military commands now represent the Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western, and Middle or Central theaters, which are now mimicking the US Department of Defense (DoD) concept of Combatant Commands.

Changes in the PLA’s organization force structure complement its gradual technological advances. While since Novemeber 8th, 2012, the PLA under President Xi Jinping has seen many accomplishments: from the introduction of next generation of supercomputers such as the TianHe – 2,  aviation prototypes such as the J-16, J-20, J-31, new helicopters and UAVs, to the ongoing construction of a second aircraft carrier, as well as record number of commissioned People’s Liberarion Army Navy (PLAN) ships such as Type 054A, 056 frigates and 052C destroyers.

In the next five to ten years, China is expected to transfer many experimental models from R&D to the production stage (Plan 863), including a number of systems in what the PLA calls ‘domains of emerging military rivalry’: outer space, near space, cyber space, and under water.

These include next generation ballistic missiles, nuclear and conventional, long-range precision-strike assets such as hypersonic vehicles, offensive and defensive cyber capabilities and new classes of submarines, supported by a variety of high-tech directional rocket rising sea mines with accurate control and guidance capacity.

PLA Strategic Support Forces (SSF)

Of all the newly established units, the PLA Strategic Support Forces (SSF), 戰略支援部隊. represents perhaps the most significant development. While details remain hidden under a veil of secrecy, unofficial Chinese PLA sources and Chinese language press reports indicate that the SSF will consist of three independent branches: ‘cyber force’ with ‘hacker troops’ responsible for cyber offense and defense; ‘space force’ tasked with surveillance and satellites; and ‘electronic force’ responsible for denial, deception, disruption of enemy radars and communications systems. The overaarching focus of this reorganizartion is to create an effective and strategic support force” to strengthen the network and space attack.

The SSF integrates the previous PLA General Staff Headquarters Third and Fourth Departments, responsible for technical reconnaissance, electronic warfare, cyber intelligence and cyber warfare, as well as absorbing the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the former PLA General Political Department, tasked with information operations, propaganda and psychological warfare.

This corresponds to PLA writings on future conflicts such as Science of Military Strategy that emphasise a holistic perspective toward space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum that must be defended to achieve information dominance. This is the ability to gather, transmit, manage, analyse and exploit information, and prevent an opponent from doing the same as a key prerequisite for allowing the PLA to seize air and naval superiority.

To this end, the PLA recognises the importance of controlling space-based information assets as a means of achieving true information dominance, calling it the ‘new strategic high ground.’ Consequently, establishing space dominance is an essential component of achieving military ‘information dominance.’

Strategic Chinese Military Implications

Ultimately, the key question is this: will the reforms in the PLA’s organisational force structure will be reflected in its operational conduct, particularly in the PLA’s capabilities to exploit cyber-kinetic strategic interactions in its regional power projection, as well as responses in potential crises and security flashpoints in East Asia?

On one hand, China’s political and military elites believe that a new wave of the global Revolution in Military Affairsis gathering pace, led principally by the US, and China must therefore accelerate the pace of its military development. Internally, however, the reforms are designed primarily to close the PLA’s inter-service rivalries, interoperability gaps and the dominance of the ground forces.

In other words, significant capability gaps will continue to exist.

In the long-term the coordinated exploitation of space, cyber-space, electromagnetic spectrum and strategic information operations will likely enable four critical missions for the PLA:

  1. Force enhancement to support combat operations and improve the effectiveness of military forces such as ISR, integrated tactical warning and attack assessment, command, control and communications, navigation and positioning and environmental monitoring;
  2. Counter-space missions to protect PLA forces while denying space capabilities to the adversary;
  3. Information operations to direct influence on the process and outcome in areas of strategic competition, and;
  4. Computer network operations targeting adversaries data and networks.

Consequently, the PLA’s growing military-technological developments may significantly alter both the strategic thought and operational conduct of major powers in East Asia, including the US and its Five Eyes allies including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

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Can the People’s Republic of China be Deterred in Cyber Space?


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This article on the concept of deterring China in the binary battlefield was written by Mr. Joseph Nye – a gentleman I wholly respect. Joseph S. Nye, Jr. is University Distinguished Service Professor and former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

By Joseph Nye

If we look at the cyber realm, the effectiveness of deterrence depends on who (state or non-state) one tries to deter and which of their behaviors.  Ironically, deterring major states like China from acts of force may be easier than deterring non-state actors from actions that do not rise to the level of force. The threat of a bolt from the blue attack by a major state may have been exaggerated. Major state actors are more likely to be entangled in interdependence than are many non-state actors, and American declaratory policy has made clear that deterrence is not limited to cyber against cyber but can be cross domain with any weapons of our choice.

Along with punishment and denial, entanglement is an important means of making an actor perceive that the costs of an action will exceed the benefits.  Entanglement refers to the existence of  interdependences which makes a successful attack simultaneously impose serious costs on the attacker as well as the victim. This is not unique to cyber. For example, in 2009, when the People’s Liberation Army urged the Chinese government to dump some of China’s massive holdings of dollar reserves to punish the United States for selling arms to Taiwan, the Central Bank pointed out that this would impose large costs on China as well and the government decided against it. Similarly, in scenarios which envisage a Chinese cyber attack on the American electric grid imposing great costs on the American economy, the economic interdependence would mean costly damage to China as well. Precision targeting of less sweeping targets might not produce much blowback, but the increasing importance of the Internet to economic growth may increase general incentives for self restraint. At the same time,  entanglement might not create significant costs for a state like North Korea which has a low degree of interdependence with the international economic system.

Even among major powers, there may be situations, such as August 1914 where various actors believe that the benefits of attack exceed the costs to entanglement. European states were heavily entangled in trade and finance, but still chose to go to war. Most incorrectly envisaged a short war with limited costs, and it is doubtful that the Kaiser, the Czar and the Austro-Hungarian emperor would have made the same decision if they had foreseen the loss of their thrones and dismemberment of their empires.  Norman Angell who wrote that war had become too costly because of entanglement was correct in that sense, but miscalculation can affect any type of deterrence. Trade between the U.S. and Japan did not prevent the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but in part that was caused by the American embargo that manipulated the interdependence in a way that led the Japanese to fear that failure to take a risky action would lead to their strangulation.

Deterring state actors from attacks that do not reach the level of force is more difficult. For example, deterring China from cyber theft of intellectual property for competitive commercial advantage has proven more difficult than deterring an attack on the electric grid. Yet even here, the American threat of economic sanctions seems to have changed the declaratory policy of Chinese leaders at the time of the September 2015 summit between presidents Xi and Obama. The American indictment of five PLA officers for cyber theft of intellectual property in 2014 initially seemed counter-productive when China used it as a pretext to boycott a previously agreed bilateral cyber committee. But the costs of naming and shaming plus the threat of further economic sanctions seems to have changed Chinese declaratory behavior. Previously, China had not recognized the American distinction of espionage for competitive commercial purposes as a distinct category, but they accepted it in 2015.

Whether the threat of sanctions and loss of face will deter actual behavior of the complex organization we summarize as “China” remains to be seen. Skeptics argue that the declaratory policy change did not alter behavior of cyber theft originating from some actors in China. Optimists point out that deterrence requires clarity about what one is trying to deter, and the Chinese president’s declaration at last provides a clear baseline for behavior that China can be held to.

If there is no progress, further sanctions with credible consequences could include using the dispute settlement mechanism of the World Trade Organization, but such cross domain deterrence can be problematic if it involves issue-linkage which is resisted by trade bureaucracies and corporate groups that do not wish to see their interests damaged by reprisals.  Options such as naming and shaming corrupt officials by disclosing hacked information about their behavior can attack a country’s soft power but it sometimes resisted as over escalatory. The jury is still out on the extent to which China can be deterred in cyber space, but the evidence suggests it would be mistaken to totally discount the possibilities.

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Chinese Military Reshuffle Carries Deep Significance

02FEB2016 Beijing, People’s Republic of China


China on Monday inaugurated the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) five new theater commands. The northern, southern, eastern, western and central theater commands replace the seven previous military area commands. The change from “military area command” to “theater command” carries more weight than the change from “seven” to “five.”

The essence of the theater commands is clear. The commands are prepared for combat and winning wars, about which the military and the public share a deep understanding. With such a military system, China’s peaceful development will be more serious and gain more respect from the outside.

It has been decades since the PLA was involved in a war. The outside world focuses more on the Dongfeng ballistic missile and the construction of aircraft carriers than about the military itself. The Chinese army has not made much impression on the world.

Perhaps some would prefer the Chinese military to keep a low profile, and it is even better that they advocate peace. The establishment of the five theater commands heralds a revolutionary change, highlighting the fundamentals of the military and the troops.

From now on, the strength of the Chinese military not only exists in historical documents or rests upon newly developed weapons, but also in its determination for victory and in its preparations.

The more powerful the PLA grows and the more capable it is of engaging in a war, the country will embrace a peaceful rise all the more. This will contribute to the nation’s peaceful rise, otherwise the outside world will only consider that peace is only our compulsory choice. If this happens, the peace of China and the world will face a dangerous future.

A major power will attract all kinds of opportunities for the world’s development and can share in global wealth distribution. But without corresponding military might, instability may brew. The security of a big power relates to the security of the whole world. That a big power is capable of fighting in a war but not obsessed in launching wars fits the common interests of all mankind.

Frankly speaking, the strength of the Chinese military can ensure the country is not intruded on by foreign troops, but it is not enough to promote fair competition and the evolution of order in a globalized era. Some external forces do not accept China’s rise. If such sentiments spread with military aid without restraint, it will hurt China’s security and world peace. There needs to be a tipping point where China is more secure, but how to find the tipping point is a subtle issue.

The Chinese military will shoulder heavier responsibilities in the future. China is close to the historical mission of a national rejuvenation. We are facing an unprecedented landscape, hopes and risks. The PLA will play a key role in helping the Chinese people pass the transition period smoothly and helping the world release some external grievances due to the power shifts of major countries.

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China Military Focus of Main Effort in Information Warfare: Electromagnetic Spectrum

来源:解放军报作者:郝嘉 周宁 周任飞责任编辑:张硕

● electromagnetic spectrum owned by the state, is the core of strategic resources for national development, promote social progress

● direct support operations of the electromagnetic spectrum, is building computerized armed forces and winning the information war of the central nervous system

Soul of the information war: the electromagnetic spectrum


Electromagnetic spectrum resources for humanity, as indispensable as water and sun. Information age, the electromagnetic spectrum is changing the world, changing the way people live

Core Tip

Electromagnetic spectrum exists in war by land, sea, air, space the whole time and space, is the only ideal medium capable of supporting mobile operations, decentralized operations and high intensity warfare. Important support elements of the electromagnetic spectrum management as joint operations, throughout the operational readiness, operational planning, operational implementation of the entire process, the role of command and control, intelligence and reconnaissance, weapons guidance, early warning and detection, navigation and other operational elements of the whole, is to improve the combat Important basic capabilities directly related weapons and equipment play information Operational Effectiveness.

Electromagnetic spectrum Past and Present

The physical world there is such a strange phenomenon, alternating current generated in the surrounding space alternating magnetic field, electric field and magnetic field variations mutual contacts to form an alternating electromagnetic field, and can spread from the wave source which produces the distance, this planted in the space at a constant speed of alternating electromagnetic field propagation is electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic spectrum, it is by electromagnetic waves lined up according to wavelength or frequency, a formed structure from zero to infinity pedigree, which 0-3000 gigahertz frequency range of radio waves.

Back in October 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the American continent. However, the future Queen of Spain, six months before he heard the news, unfortunately sudden and devastating. April 14, 1865, US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 13 days after the news spread was known industry’s most advanced British government, coping strategies are overtaken by events. Electromagnetic time unknown, human nature can not enjoy its magic.

In 1888, German physicist Hertz experiment is successful, humans finally touch the existence of electromagnetic waves. In 1901, as the “father of radio” Marconi trans-Atlantic radio communication test is successful, humanity has entered the era of electromagnetic radio communications sweeping the globe. In 1912, after the Titanic wreck, the United Kingdom, the United States and other maritime powers mandatory over a certain tonnage of the vessel must be installed radio stations, in order to protect the safety of life at sea. During World War I, the war all the major powers use radio communication to pass information and commands.

Since then, radio broadcasting, navigation, remote after another, to the development and progress of human society has brought great changes. Electromagnetic wave as an important carrier of information transmission, dash in land, sea, air, space four-dimensional space, accelerate the coming of the information age.













Electromagnetic spectrum is a national resource strategy

Electromagnetic spectrum is the only human transmission of information over wireless media, owned by the state, land, forest, mineral and other resources, as it is both a scarce natural resource in the areas of economic development, national defense and social life indispensable , irreplaceable core strategic resources.

At present, humans can use the radio spectrum in the 275 gigahertz or less, mainly concentrated in the range of 30 Hz to 40 gigahertz, but most are in the 3 gigahertz or less, high-quality resources is extremely limited.Therefore, the world has become intense competition for them.

Frequency satellite orbit resources, for example, known as the 80% share of the “golden navigation frequency”, the US GPS and Russian GLONASS navigation system first to seize the countries in the world have to compete for the remaining resources.

Electromagnetic spectrum is widely used in the economic, military and other fields, combined with the scarcity of resources prominent contradictions, it gradually from the back to the front, electromagnetic space and the game become the world compete for important battlefield.

Each year, the US President issued specifically concerning electromagnetic spectrum “presidential memorandum”, leading the electromagnetic spectrum policy and national army. The British government published its “21st Century Spectrum Management” white paper, clearly the introduction of spectrum pricing, spectrum auction, spectrum trading and other means to encourage the efficient use of spectrum resources development and new technologies.

The study reports that the electromagnetic spectrum can contribute each year to 3-5 percent of the total national economy. From 1995 to 2011, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other countries for the development of the third and fourth generation mobile communication network, spectrum auction value of $ 130 billion. Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries competing to improve the relevant laws and regulations, maintain the electromagnetic spectrum space to maximize their national interests, strongly promote the electromagnetic spectrum resources market and internationalization.

Manage electromagnetic space “traffic light”

Although the electromagnetic spectrum is present in the natural space, invisible, but it does not mean that the State, organizations and individuals are free to use occupied.

With modern urban traffic management have great similarities, at the technical level, the electromagnetic frequency spectrum management major from, space, time three-dimensional expansion, which is vividly called electromagnetic space “traffic lights.”

Currently, the international scope of the electromagnetic spectrum management mainly through the establishment of an international organization, signed an international agreement to allocate spectrum to resolve unified. States also set up frequency spectrum management and monitoring of the site, and to divide the spectrum resource use.

According to statistics, a US infantry division of about 70 radar, radio station 2800, a Russian motorized infantry division of about 60 radar, radio station 2040 to ensure so much electronic equipment to work smoothly, you need a strong power and spectrum management mechanism. After the baptism of several local wars, the US military high command from the field to have a specialized division of spectrum management agencies from the Department of Defense, the Joint Staff to the armed services, has established a complete set of joint campaign spectrum management system, formed a mature management mechanism.

According to the US Army website reported, the United States developed a new Joint Tactical Radio System, which contains the spectrum defragmentation technology, is not a continuous spectrum of debris re-polymerization, to achieve the integration of resources to meet the needs of purpose. European development of the “Spectrum pool” technology, but also the integration of free spectrum resource collection, and dynamically allocated based on customer needs, improve efficiency in the use of the spectrum.

Now, the world’s major countries are seeking to develop spectrum sharing technology, without changing the existing spectrum allocation rules, through technical analysis tools simulate actual combination, so that different systems can share the same frequency band compatible. In addition, many countries and organizations through the use of advanced signal transmission technology, using a frequency equipment to improve the level of technology, and other means to control the transmission frequency, both to avoid the deterioration of the electromagnetic environment, but also to achieve efficient use of spectrum.

“The 21st century will be the era of the spectrum war”

Traditional air and sea superiority play, must be based on the electromagnetic advantage, losing electromagnetic power, will lose control of the air, sea control, electromagnetic space and space has become, ground and ocean coexistence fourth dimension battlefield. It can be said that the future of information warfare, who won the electromagnetic power, grasps the initiative on the battlefield. Former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Muller said: “If a third world war, the winner will be the most adept at controlling the use of the electromagnetic spectrum and the party.”

Faced with escalating competition in the world of the electromagnetic spectrum, the US military has issued a joint spectrum vision, strategic planning and the Department of Defense Spectrum “Spectrum war” and other top-level strategic guidance documents, and to take away from the crowded band, the development of high-end spectrum, etc., developed microwave , laser, electromagnetic pulse weapons, etc., to actively seize the spectrum.British forces widely promote the use of intelligent and efficient radio modulation techniques to improve spectrum utilization efficiency of a wireless communication system.

In order to obtain the advantages of the spectrum in the future information warfare, Europe and the United States armed forces through the establishment of specialized agencies electromagnetic compatibility, the use of advanced simulation techniques to develop quality indicators management system, develop joint spectrum management system, etc., to improve battlefield electromagnetic spectrum management capabilities.

In recent years, cognitive radio, dynamic spectrum sensing, frequency control simulation deduction, emerging electromagnetic environmental adaptability analysis of new technologies, to the military electromagnetic spectrum management development has brought great opportunities and challenges. Experts predict that the future will share a common electromagnetic spectrum management towards spectrum resources, spectrum efficiency analysis and refinement of embedded dynamic spectrum management, direction and progress.




















Classic examples of the electromagnetic spectrum

In 1914, the US Navy Atlantic Fleet in the first trial under the state of war radio communication equipment, results strongly spark near neighbor ship transmitters interference interrupt all radio communication, the participants had to make time allocation plan, assigned to the United States for two hours domestic radio transmitter, the other four countries 1 hour each. Thus, the Washington-based headquarters to an interval of 4 hours to its armed forces on the battlefield contact again.

In 1967, the US “Forrestal” aircraft carrier in the implementation of a particular military mission, carrier F-4 “Phantom” fighter ship radar beam is irradiated by the interference, the aircraft hanging space rocket was accidentally fired ignition, hit ship an a-4 “Skyhawk” attack aircraft fuel tank, causing a chain explosion, causing heavy casualties.

April 1980, the US Joint Task Force and local school Rangers joint implementation embassy hostage rescue mission in Iraq. In its way to evacuate due to a communication device and the Rangers are not compatible with the frequent collaboration errors, resulting in a helicopter and transport aircraft collided, eight commandos were burned to death and four serious burns.

May 4, 1982, the Falklands War, the British naval weapon known as a symbol and pride of the fleet, “Sheffield” cruiser by satellite communication and radar systems are not compatible, can only start work in turn, the result was Argentina “Super flag “aircraft launched the” flying fish “missile sunk.

June 9, 1982, the fifth Middle East war, Israel intercepted prior use of the Syrian army radar and “Sam” spectral parameters of the missile launch, just 6 minutes will be stationed in the Bekaa Valley which cost $ 2 billion in 19 “Sam” air defense missile sites completely destroyed. In the next two days of combat, Israeli fighter planes and electronic jamming aircraft with combat, created a miracle in the history of air combat.

After April 21, 1996, the Russian war in Chechnya, the hunting group through special electronic warfare, electronic signal war zone to collect, monitor, cell phone signal reconnaissance to Dudayev, was analyzed to confirm, and lock the phone signal coordinate system, cruise warplanes fired missiles on Dudayev was “targeted killings.”

May 2011, the US Navy Seals and Special Air Service regiment battle the implementation of “Neptune Spear” initiative. SEALs use of “Land Warrior” soldier system, and joint operations center for situation analysis and sharing of intelligence, special operations group UAV crew via satellite communication system commando operations return the White House and the Pentagon. Throughout its action, the US military weapons systems use spectrum resources covering all channels, in just 40 minutes, successfully kill Osama bin Laden.








China’s Strategic Support Forces – Mission and Combat Power Intent


来源:人民网  作者:邱越  时间:2016-01-06


    December 31, 2015, People’s Liberation Army’s governing bodies, the PLA rocket forces, the PLA strategic support troops inaugural meeting was held in Beijing Bayi Building.The newly established strategic support units is quite mysterious, whether it is a kind of military do? Military expert Yin Zhuo interview, said in an interview with People’s Daily, the main mission of strategic support task force is to support the battlefield, so that our army in the aerospace, space, network, and electromagnetic space battle can get local advantage, to ensure smooth operations. It is an important force in joint operations, and action will be the Army, Navy, Air Force and Army rocket integration, throughout the war always, is the key to winning the war power.

Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun noted that the strategic support units is to safeguard the national security of the new combat forces is an important growth point of our military combat capability of quality, mainly the strategic, fundamental, all kinds of support are strong safeguards after forces from the formation of functional integration. The establishment of strategic support units, help to optimize the structure of military forces, thus improving the overall capacity. We will adhere to system integration, civil-military integration, strengthening the new combat forces, and strive to build a strong modernization strategy support units.

Yin 卓介绍 said strategic support units main task of the mission is to support the battlefield, so that our army in the aerospace, space, network, and electromagnetic space battle can get local advantage, to ensure smooth operations. Specifically, the strategic support unit tasks include: return of target detection, reconnaissance and target information; undertake everyday navigation operations, and Beidou satellite and space reconnaissance means management; undertake electromagnetic space and cyber space defense mission .

During the war, Reconnaissance Force cyberspace can help master the movements of the enemy army to help troops develop operations to ensure the achievement battlefield victory.In peacetime, with the increasing degree of national information technology, security, electromagnetic space and cyberspace are increasingly important. Yin Zhuo pointed out that with the satellite navigation facilities in civil applications in the future high-speed rail, ship, aircraft, vehicle or car will be equipped with on-board positioning facilities that our country’s socialist construction will play an important role. In addition, the face of many hackers on the Internet for the illegal actions of the implementation of such important government facilities, military facilities, civilian facilities important to the implementation of network attacks, which requires that we must be equipped with appropriate defenses. Strategic support forces in protecting the country’s financial security and people’s daily lives and safety will play an important role.

“Strategic support units is an important force in joint operations.” Yin Zhuo said, now can not do without any combat operations in cyberspace offensive and defensive strategic support troops in reconnaissance, early warning, communications, command, control, navigation, ocean digital, digital construction and other aspects of the Earth play an important role, and provide strong support for the joint battlefield operations, in order to achieve the goal of winning local wars under conditions of informatization.

Yin Zhuo noted that the strategic support units are not a separate fighting force, it will blend in with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Army and other branches of the military rocket actions form an integrated joint operations, strategic combat support units throughout the whole process, penetrated into every combat operations, will be the key to winning the war power.

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Chinese Military Focus on Future Innovation-driven Development & Competition Seize Strategic High Ground

By An Weiping

Source: 2015年12月29   来源:解放军报


The use of “Internet +” to create a new quality of thinking and fighting

Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Reform Work Conference, to focus on the future military competition to seize the strategic high ground, give full play to the role of innovation-driven development, cultivate new growth point of fighting. At present, China is the depth of promoting the “Internet +” action plan, which is the development trend of the Internet era of profound insight and wisdom to cope. Its essence is to promote the Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking integration and innovation as the representative of information technology and traditional industries, create new productivity. And viewed from the military point of view, the “Internet +” concept of thinking is also important for military innovation, foster new growth point fighting. But the military use of “Internet +”, not simply on the Internet “+” on, but in the military field dedicated “cyberspace” a “+”, and the use of “Internet +” thinking and a new generation of information technology, the establishment of improve the database, by fast and efficient flow of accurate data to improve reconnaissance, command and control, battlefield mobility, firepower, integrated security and information protection, and combat capability, to achieve accurate and timely release of aggregation and the overall combat effectiveness, thus creating adaptation of information technology The new mass combat operations.

“Internet” + target characteristic data, real-time sensing reconnaissance intelligence. Real-time reconnaissance capability is perceived to reach the battlefield transparent, seize the basis and key information superiority.Internet biggest feature is the remote control into the remote “touch” to achieve a seamless link between the sensor and processor, unimpeded access to battlefield information, real-time sensing reconnaissance intelligence. But the actual combat operations, the target is characterized by continuous change, if the lack of accurate target feature “full-dimensional” data, it is difficult to analyze, contrast, identify mass, low-density value of battlefield data, dig out the real and effective information, to achieve timely and accurate perception reconnaissance intelligence. Therefore, we should fully learn the “Internet +” big data analysis model, relying on accurate battlefield information and intelligence center to build, multi-dimensional and dynamic characteristics of the target database to database for support, fast and accurate analysis judged the enemy goal. “Accurate”, refers to a database of all the characteristics of the target data must be true, valuable information and data, can accurately reflect the different characteristics of the target property. “Multi-dimensional” refers to the use of land, sea, air, space, power and other means to obtain the same objective, the different nature of intelligence data and get the target from different angles appearance characteristics, as well as electromagnetic, infrared, and other information; “Dynamic “it refers to adapt to changes in weaponry and other targets, timely reconnaissance target feature information, the first perfect time to update the database, ensure that you always maintain a high accuracy of the data. Relying on the target database should also be characterized by the establishment of operational data analysis model, through the “cloud” on the large amount of data collection operations analysis of intelligence information to accurately determine and predict the enhanced situational awareness and decision support capabilities.

“Internet” + information system integration, to achieve accurate and efficient command and control. Accurate and efficient command and control capability is based on the core information system operational capability.Cyberspace so that all branches of the military combat information systems to achieve remote, synchronous, interactive connection, the commander combat global real-time grasp and mastery of the battlefield situation, belongs to all levels of command elements, each combat unit dynamic and effective action to implement the regulation. Integration must take an integrated approach, different branches of the military, information from different professions, different levels of system integration and other construction. First, functional integration, an integrated command platform, based on the relevant member information systems transformation, embedded sharing member, according to a unified configuration and management strategies, ensemble having interoperability integrated command and control system to ensure that all military branches, interrelated levels of command, synchronous interaction, information exchange command job sharing. Second, the system hinges primarily by branches of engineering and technical specifications according to a unified organization and implementation, through changing, modified (making) the existing command and control system, improve the various branches of the military command and control systems, enhancements and weapons platforms “hinge” capability . Third, data fusion, through a unified data format or data format conversion, data integration between branches Information System.

“Internet” + geographical information, fast place battlefield maneuvers.The essence of battlefield mobility, capacity utilization is decisive and overwhelming operational tempo seize the target location advantage. This requires full-dimensional perception by battlefield battlefield information system geographical information such day or night, we are well aware of how to maneuver the entire road, what factors affect mobility, in order to select the best motor route, timing and fast way to place . The rapid development of Internet intelligent navigation system, real-time provides a convenient quick and precise maneuvering. Therefore, to refer to the “Internet +” geographic information system, the establishment of geographic information as soon as military combat support systems, building geographic information database, and continuously enrich and perfect meteorological, hydrological and other data and road information and data information via satellite data links, etc. Real-time application queries and automatically senses the change, so that regional operational commanders real-time control, the rapid set-motorized determination, commanding troops quickly arrived combat area, to seize the fleeting fighters fighting to win the initiative.

“Internet” + Detective play commentary system, the rapid reaction accurate firepower. The condition of information warfare biggest feature is the “information-led firepower battle,” Internet interconnection links are distributed to the effective integration of various weapons platforms, network-based firepower systems possible. But rapid reaction precision firepower and damage the effectiveness of the play, is an investigation, control, play, commentary closed circuit, the need to establish a body blow interconnected system, like “Internet” + taxi, a “Didi taxi” system software, can be the first to discover and pinpoint the user application, and then through the analysis of user needs, while according to the position information of the vehicle to determine who carried out the service, and the fastest way to push information to the user service vehicles, service vehicles last feedback, to complete the service process. Similarly, the rapid response fire precision strike, the urgent need to establish a “play Detective Comment on” one of the firepower system, surveillance systems, decision systems, control systems, sensor fusion interconnected, so that the data flow and operational processes and seamlessly links mutual drive, always monitor the target information and firepower cell information, a substantial increase in the ability to extract data from the mass targeted; the same time through real-time information exchange, sensor control, task allocation plan and fire damage assessment, greatly reducing identify the target, targeted, target and damage assessment time, effectively improve the dynamic ability to strike targets, found that the anti-forming ability of the best mode.

“Internet” + Things security system, to achieve timely and accurate comprehensive security. Accurate and timely comprehensive support, is adaptive, intelligent means to reach at the desired time and place to provide timely and accurate combat all kinds of resources needed. The adaptive, intelligent, must establish an integrated management and control, integrated transportation security system of things together, things like relying on the development of Internet technology, the Internet and radio frequency identification, infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanning technology, achieve mutual connection between anything, and through the exchange of information and communication, positioning, tracking, monitoring and precise management. Therefore, we should actively learn things the idea, and establishing information under combat conditions was associated support systems, integrated use of two-dimensional bar code, electronic tags, automatic identification technology, real-time monitoring and access to supply battle group team strength, guarantee supplies storage and consumption of dynamic information, accurately grasp logistical needs and resources, timely and accurate to the command structure at all levels, to provide comprehensive support group team information security needs. By precise control of the security resources to achieve transparent visualization controllable security process and improve efficiency battlefield support, logistical support adaptive capacity.

“Internet” + preset encrypted information, information protection security control. Effective delivery system based on the combat capability of information systems, data security depends combat controllable. As a result of the “Internet +” and bring the system vulnerability and threats and attacks from internal, external, so that security issues in information systems is very prominent. Therefore for the ever-changing battlefield, the effective implementation of dynamic data encryption. For example, by installing a micro-channel information encryption software that can encrypt messages on demand, voice, video and other information; another example, the terminal end smartphone encryption, anti-eavesdropping technology and SMS encryption and other network information security technology has gradually applied.Therefore, we should make full use of information technology, Internet security, cyberspace whole process of the implementation of dynamic encryption to ensure the confidentiality of information transmission, to ensure the integrity and non-repudiation of the information, communication channel resistance may be active or passive attacks. On the one hand “hard encryption”, and vigorously develop the user terminal installation of secrecy or confidentiality card machine; on the other hand is “soft encryption”, the development of intelligent terminal encryption software, use dynamic encryption algorithm, encrypted instant messages.

Original Mandarin Chinese:








China PLA General An Weiping: Developing Asymetric & Cyber Forces A Requirement for Winning


By Major General An Weiping, Deputy Chinese Army Commander of the PLA 16th Group Army

China’s new-type combat forces have developed rapidly in the past five years with great achievements, but we still lag far behind world military powers in that regard.

Going forward, the construction of new-type combat forces is of critical importance. China should focus on fostering advanced forces and means that are essential for us to seize the high ground in military competition and win information-based battles, and improve our combat capacity through leapfrog development.

New-type combat forces are the important source that leads military reform

Considering the development of the form of warfare, we should have a clear idea of the position and role of new-type combat forces.

First, it is a sharp weapon to win future warfare. The world history of military development shows us that new-type combat forces always decide the outcome of wars with “intergenerational” advantages.

Today, the U.S. and Russia still insist on the path of high-end technological advantages and emphasize the possession of strategic advantages over rivals. This tells us that whoever takes a preemptive step in fostering new-type combat forces will establish winning advantages in the war.

Second, it is the supportive force that pushes tactical innovation. New-type combat forces are a relative term that carries the characteristics of the time. It not only refers to the latest military practices in each period, but also directly drives tactical innovation.

From the famous theories on air/sea supremacy in military history to theories on blitzkrieg and firefight and to today’s air-sea integrated operations, precise and fast operations, cyberspace warfare and long-distance coordinated operations, they have all experienced the same process from emergence to development. The appearance of every tactical theory is backed by corresponding new-type combat forces.

Third, it is an important source that leads the military reform. With special combat mechanism, unique fighting efficiency and brand new fighting approaches, new-type combat forces are the vanguards that push the military reform.

We shall establish advantages featuring “we have what the enemy has not, we excel in what the enemy has”.

The several recent local warfare has proven that “all-domain, long-distance, integrated and precise” have become the typical features of combats in information-based conditions. To adapt to the needs of future warfare, we shall accelerate the construction of a range of new-type combat forces and establish advantages featuring “we have what the enemy has not, we excel in what the enemy has”.

We shall reinforce the aerospace early warning forces. Seizing the room for aerospace combat is not only an effective means to ensure a transparent status on the battlefield, but also an important way of forming relative advantages.

Based on our military aerospace weapon and reconnaissance satellites operating in the space, we shall form the aerospace support forces. Meanwhile, we shall also develop space weapon and foster space strike capability to secure the space supremacy.

We shall strengthen the strategic delivery force. Given its long strategic depth, China urgently needs a long-distance delivery force commensurate with its position as a strong power to effectively deal with international situations and safeguard the nation’s strategic security.

We shall insist on the development direction of military-civilian integration, rely on a number of military and civilian departments to build strategic delivery platforms and transportation mechanisms integrating railway, road, water transport, aviation and spaceflight, so as to guarantee military-civilian coordination, fast combat readiness and deployments in case of any situation.

We shall expand the unmanned combat force. Boasting such advantages as strong adaptability, fast response, long working hours and high functional integration, unmanned combat force is an important means to reduce casualties in future manned combats.

At present, China’s military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been developed and used at a fast rate, but the development of emerging unmanned forces such as unmanned vehicle, vessel and underwater vehicle is backward.

Therefore, we shall step up comprehensive construction and form a professional unmanned troop that can both fight independently and cooperate with manned troops, integrating reconnaissance, strike and evaluation.

Cyberspace combat is the strategic means to obtain asymmetrical advantages.

The cyberspace is an important battlefield to obtain the information supremacy and a strategic means to obtain asymmetrical advantages. As the U.S. has applied a string of cyber virus weapons such as Stuxnet, Flame and Suter, main countries around the world are all building their “cyber forces”.

Building a “cyber force” as soon as possible is a requirement raised by the time to safeguard national cyber security and sovereignty and win information-based war.

We shall foster a standard and professional new-type “cyber force” integrating cyber attack and defense as well as information security to obtain the cyber supremacy.

Moreover, cyber terrorism is a new form of terrorism arising from the information network, and fighting cyber terrorism has become a prominent topic in national security, international policies and relation.

Therefore, it is imperative to carry out international cooperation and form an “international peacekeeping” force to fight against cyber terrorism.

China’s New Cyber & Strategic Support Troops ‘Building Strong Armed Forces’




Author: Zou Weirong

It was a solemn moment. December 31, 2015, the Chairman personally awarded as a strategic learning support units and caused precepts flag, army declared a new combat force was formally established as a strategic support troops embark on a new journey to fulfill the new mission issued a mobilization order.

To thoroughly study and implement learning Chairman precepts, enhance strategic support troops to join the construction of civic pride mission responsibility, established at the beginning, troops immediately deployed to carry out continuous seven days of “Remember the President of precepts, build strong armed forces’ special learning education.

Takatsu strategic support troops commander, political commissar Liu Fu, etc. Standing Committee were around even as lectures on different topics tutoring, group party committees to take over the party committee, will branch, group discussions and other forms of in-depth study precepts, and effectively use learning important speech Ningxinjuli Chairman, led a branch has created a collection of glorious history of heroic troops under the banner of reform and strengthening the military, embarked on building a strong support force modernization strategy the great journey.

A newly formed troops first to cast the soul, what the soul is? Soul is the party’s absolute leadership over the army is the absolute loyalty, absolute purity, absolute reliability

The history of the people’s army grow, with the party’s theory is that a condensed history of the military strength of will.

“The President precepts is that we start this newly formed unit started mobilization, total program of construction and development of strategic support units, is to carry out current and future work always follow.” Inaugural meeting was held the same day, members of party committees strategic support troops in the night study and discussion Organization said excitedly, recalling deepening the reform process, the decision-making practice president himself, personally promote, reflecting strong military power Vast logistics and ambition, is a celebration of rock-solid anyone, and to tackle tough reform courage boldness, showing the control global leadership and coping with complicated situations superb wisdom.

“Core with the party,” the phrase after the smoke of war passed down through generations, and today remains a strategic support troops soldiers loudest oath. Strategic support troops in a base exchange statement spoke of the Party, must put ideological and political construction in the first place, always tighten the string of ideological struggle, soldiers lay a solid hold high the banner of the party’s command of the ideological foundation, as soon as forging forming a iron-clad belief, ironclad belief, ironclad discipline, play a strong iron-clad troops.

A base a theme of “the kind of attitude to heritage red gene” study and discussions were being enthusiastic, strategic support troops in passionate leadership in teaching about the base of the predecessor to heed the call of the Party of the stories of hard work, so that the officers and men deeply moved and incentives. Many comrades spoke, we are pioneering the founding generation, but also the need to sacrifice a generation, but with the older generation of entrepreneurs, “township forget to go out, forget appearances body” than ideological level, we still have gaps.

“Reform is a final exam, the exam is the loyalty of the party’s leading cadres, official servants heart, a man of purity”, “loyal to the Party, the party’s command, we must conscientiously obey the overall situation, the correct treatment adjustment of interests” … … In recent days, reporters walking in the strategic support units into every barracks, officers and soldiers to join the reform can be heard everywhere, determined and strong army sonorous oath.

The more in-depth study and understand the strong belief that the Army-strong army, to join the reform of the conscious action. Many soldiers spoke, history tells us that if the party is to win the call, with the party that is brilliant!











Chairman learning new combat force building depicts the grand blueprint to make the blueprint into reality, we also need the relay to draw specific “construction plans”, the strategic project to improve the fighting capacity building to implement

Construction of new combat forces require specific blueprint “construction plans” to implement, can not put “construction plans” painted well, painted solid, painted in place, step by step to the blueprint into reality, is this newly formed army faces severe test.

Special study of education, many comrades spoke, strategic support units unique strategic properties, requirements must be based on the overall focus on the overall development of thinking planning and construction, the establishment of innovative thinking, new ideas, forward-looking vision. Construction and development of new combat forces, the use of “new ideas, new materials, new technology,” can not cover bungalow drawings to build skyscrapers new combat forces.

More recently, the strategic support troops cadres in a new atmosphere: sit down and study the war more and more meditation, study of the wind malpractice, some departments also provided with one hour a day of World classic examples, organ office buildings at night often brightly lit.

Cadres say, by learning the Chairman precepts of the newly formed task force new understanding of the new requirements more in place; by studying the opponent, to research their own research operations, research building, so the opportunities we face challenges, lack their own advantage has been more clear understanding. We must foster a strong sense of crisis, war consciousness, preparing conscious efforts to study the expectations of the Central Military Commission Chairman and exhortations into action implement to improve the combat effectiveness.

Strategic support troops political work cadres talked about persist problem-oriented, is to be like war, like selecting the right main directions unite tackling the will to move away the obstacle bars and fasten buttons integration, and strive to one combined unit , a contradiction becomes one breakthrough point, one combat growth.

The new troops, new responsibilities, new system, how to make a good beginning, a good step? Language preparation for military struggle a frontline commander told reporters, to stabilize thought “fixed disk stars,” trained to win the “real effort” to lay the crucial “active war” to defeat the enemy’s courage when the vanguard and pioneer.








That initial Yan, a Yan in the end, the more newly formed troops, highly dispersed troops, the more strict management, strict requirements, from the outset, standing rules, strict Lured to develop a good style

Shortly after New Year’s Day, a telegram sent to the strategic support units subordinate units, the content is on duty on New Year’s fighting random situation briefing.Bulletin giving names, and pull out the rectification of the list there is readiness consciousness aspect duty order problems, fix a corrective time node.

Strategic support troops party committee had a consensus: the construction of new combat forces, we must attach great importance to establish a new system that infrastructure projects. Bungalows and high-rise buildings to be laying the foundation, but the foundation is not the same standard requirements. As a powerful strategy for modernization support troops this tower foundation, we must adhere to high standards, so that the initial namely Yan, a Yan in the end.

Many researchers talked about, “Initial namely Yan, a strict in the end,” has caused a strong resonance in the army from top to bottom, is the new “Family Style” strategic support troops party committee established. That initial Yan, Yan emphasized that the reference, at the beginning of Yan Yan sight on the ruler. Good to develop good regulations + = good style, which is the reference regulations, to develop by execution.

Execution is the ability, it is style. Strategic support troops Discipline cadres talked about a united collective fight like a Mercedes EMU, allowing each section have power, but not each section each direction. Xi Chairman reform idea is to strengthen the military strategic direction, Party committees at all levels is to take this off, set this to, at all levels must do listen to greet, talk about the rules, discipline, must not be selectively performed conditionally executed, superficial implementation, without effective implementation.

Took that side sacred flag, he took over the mission and responsibility. Strategic support troops party committee made it clear that the way to fight in the morning, but step by step to stabilize; to strive more officers, but realistically element pieces; we will strive to more good results, but to stand the test of practice and history.

Examination such as the battlefield, and the Central Military Commission Chairman learning how to surrender qualified respondents, is a strategic support units every entrepreneur’s practice test. From mountain forests to the north and south, from the Gobi desert to the border of the motherland, the majority of officers and soldiers to keep in mind the strategic support troops Chairman precepts, and actively adapt to changing combat troops, to join the army building strategic support, embarked on a new journey strong army Hing army.








Source: 来源:解放军报

China’s PLA Secret Military Information Troop Strategy //中國軍隊揭秘我军首支战略支援部队

《 人民日报 》( 2016年01月24日 )


China’s People’s Liberation Army in 2016, a new combat force joins the PLA combat organization, it will become an important growth point of China’s  military combat capability and key strength leading to decisive nature of future wars…Secret military first team strategy support troops

December 31, 2015, and the Army leadership organization, listed with rocket forces, strategic support troops officially unveiled the PLA’s “family”!

“Strategic Support Unit is to safeguard the national security of the new combat forces, is an important qualitative growth of our military combat capability.” Chairman Xi Jinping stressed that the establishment of strategic support troops, military help to optimize the structure, improve the comprehensive support capabilities.Strategic support troops to adhere to system integration, civil-military integration, and strive to achieve leapfrog development in key areas, starting point to promote high standards of combat forces to accelerate the development of new, integrated development, strive to build a strong, modern strategic support units.

This is exactly what the troops support? Where highlights? Inception, the soldiers doing? Recently, this reporter approached the strategic support units, truly feel this nascent boom strong army troops.

“Without a high degree of integration, there will be no joint operations”

What is the strategic support? Case before us:

May 2011, the US military killed Osama bin Laden’s operations for the armed forces around the world a vivid lesson. On the surface, is the two “Black Hawk” helicopters and 24 “seal” commando on a mission, but behind it has a huge support system: Several pieces of reconnaissance and communications satellites, one responsible for real-time transmission and radio listening stealth unmanned reconnaissance missions, more aerial cover for the war to be F / A-18 fighter, an aircraft carrier battle groups responsible for strategic support, two of the five Central Asian bases and command centers, as well as various support guarantee ten thousand personnel……

This small-scale operations, major systems supporting combat style, demonstrating the winning mechanism of modern warfare. Information leading, system support, elite combat, joint victory, has become the basic characteristics of modern warfare.

“Strategic Support Unit is to support the battlefield, to ensure smooth operations, it is an important force in joint operations.” Military experts briefed reporters, figuratively speaking, strategic support troops for the army to provide accurate and reliable information to support efficient and strategies support guarantee, propped army system “information umbrella” that will blend action and armed with rocket forces, and throughout the war always, is the key to winning the war power.

“Without a high degree of integration, there will be no joint operations.” Strategic support units formed at the beginning, tightly pegged to the bottleneck restricting military joint operations in order to organize the work of planning military research started around how to understand the task, how construction and development, and how a good beginning in a higher starting point, different organizations Category troops, military leaders and experts in related fields, extensive research and discussion exchange, on major issues troop positioning functions, organization and structure, leadership and command system and other ongoing research and feasibility studies.Recently, the main leaders also dispatched military forces to the relevant units, mass fighting around the new generation to carry out special investigations.

Civil-military integration is the information war “nature.” According to statistics, the First World War, the number of industries involved in the development of weapons and equipment technology categories to ten dollars; World War II, extended to hundreds; to the Gulf War, it is in the thousands. In recent years, the proportion of military special technology United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other developed countries, more and more low, while military and civilian technology for more than 80%, the construction of military information technology for more than 80% are from the civil information systems.

Around the realization of civil-military integration, strategic support units proposed aspects from planning, mechanisms, resources, projects, and talent continue to promote the use of the depth of integration. New Year’s a start, force planning construction of a number of strategies, many military enterprises, scientific research institutions, experts figure has emerged, based on a unit, for the country, strong army service, “says think-tank” on the horizon.

“Accelerate the cultivation of new mass combat capability, create new combat forces.”

In the 21st century, the new military revolution shock avalanche. Especially with the continuous breakthroughs in information, intelligence, invisible, nanotechnology and other emerging technologies strategy, the new combat forces into a military capability leapfrog development “growth pole”, a new military power to compete, “darling.”

Public information, the United States set up space combat troops, built a Cyber ​​Command under the jurisdiction of 100,000 troops, to create the world’s largest network warfare forces. Russia’s integration with the Air Force Space combat forces to establish air and space forces, formed a network warfare command structure and the forces. British promoter cutting-edge network warfare units “77th Brigade”, specializing in “unconventional information warfare” by Facebook website platform. Japan through the “Basic Universe” speed up the process of militarization of space, and actively organize a “cyberspace defense team.”

Faced with surging wave of this new revolution in military affairs, who insight into the initiative, who will win in the future. Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi and decisive decision-making, the formation of strategic support units, to create a new type of war to safeguard national security forces, and the quality of our military combat capability as an important growth point.

Around accelerate the cultivation of new mass combat troops established a technology weaponization of power systems, the ability to combat the direction of development, to enter the combat readiness as an index, advancing step by step actual combat capacity building.

Military construction focus to the war, the work to fight hard. Reporters in an interview that the strategic support units, at all levels of urgency in order to focus on reform, promote transformation, many feel accustomed to the keyboard and mouse of science and technology experts put training uniform, embarked on a parade ground. He has been shelved, parked in the research paper, was taken to the test site and the development of weapons and equipment training ground troop maneuvers, become a new quality to enhance the operational capability of the “multiplier.”

It is understood that a unit of strategic support troops adhere to seek a breakthrough in the prospective, pilot, exploration, disruptive technology, research and development of a new type of combat equipment has passed the preliminary assessment, damage the effectiveness of the equipment reached the international advanced level.

“Only innovation, to seize the strategic high ground military competition”

This year New Year period, strategic support military leaders by telephone, video and checking to your combat troops on duty. From the deep ocean to mountain forests, from the Gobi desert to the border of the motherland, the troops together full member, combat readiness, to meet the troops in combat roles established.

As a safeguard national security, new combat forces, strategic support troops to innovation as a source of power to seize the strategic high ground of military competition, cohesion innovative new combat forces in combat theory, organizational form and mode of development.

On the organizational form of innovation, focusing on a new command structure, strengthen research and exploration of new combat forces woven patterns and leadership and command relationships. Focus to achieve leapfrog development, troops raised to operational requirements for traction, with technological breakthroughs driven, problem-oriented Forced to compete for the development of model approaches beyond, out to chase style, imitative development of passive situation.

“The best way to maintain peace, in accordance with their own terms to redefine the war.” Focus on accelerating the transformation of troops functions, and actively adapt to the mission mandate expansion, strategic support troops keep up with world trends of new military revolution, advance planning the layout of the new combat forces, to establish their own led “war rules” to achieve asymmetric competitive advantage.

Reporters in an interview that the strategic support units, to the troops from the authorities, from the laboratory to the training ground, a “brainstorming” is being rolled rushes –

A unit organized the workshop, big data, cloud computing, 3D printing, a new term nanotechnology often blurted out in the discussion. Graduated from a prestigious university, Dr. Young told reporters a firm voice, “the military planning and preparation is always tomorrow’s war, and even the day after the war.”

In this interview, the reporter for the officers and soldiers often high-spirited spirit, sharp shock of forward thinking on the future of this nascent force confidence.

Orriginal Mandarin Chinese:




























Source: 《 人民日报 》( 2016年01月24日 )

Chinese Military Cyberspace Deterrence Characteristics // 中國軍隊的浅析网络空间威慑的特征


中国人民解放军军事科学院 袁艺

Editor’s Note: When the opposing sides have the ability to ensure the destruction invade other networks, you can bring two-way network containment, the two sides have, under certain conditions, to comply with the network and do not attack the other rules of the game, forming an invisible safety valve, even internationally will form a network and do not attack each other customary agreements or conventions, cyberspace became strategic areas can generate a huge deterrent effect. After following the nuclear deterrence deterrence in cyberspace, they began to enter the strategic vision of the big country politicians and military strategist. Research cyberspace deterrence characteristics, type and use points, a must consideration and necessary action network power, network and strong army.

As human society’s dependence on cyberspace deepening human production and life in cyberspace has become “second class living space” and military confrontation “fifth-dimensional battle space.” States initiative, control over the right to speak about the world of cyberspace in a fierce competition, competition in cyberspace has reached a level of survival, fate of the country and the success of the military struggle of human solidarity. Thinking of cyberspace deterrence capacity building of great practical and theoretical value.

First, analyze the pros and cons of deterrence in cyberspace

Cyberspace deterrence refers to various actions in cyberspace, showing the enemy paralyzed control cyberspace and physical space cross-border control of enemy’s determination and strength through cyberspace to achieve deterrence enemy, the enemy stops, stopping the enemy, stop An enemy form of strategic deterrence purposes. Cyberspace and physical space has compared to the “actual situation biphasic” network warfare, compared with the traditional style of warfare has unique nature determines the advantages and disadvantages of deterrence in cyberspace are very obvious.

Advantages (a) deterrence in cyberspace

Advantages of deterrence in cyberspace, mainly reflected in: First, become more civilized and humane way of deterrence. Compared with nuclear and biological weapons, physical, biological, chemical destruction mechanism-based, direct killing and destruction effects of network warfare weapons is far smaller than the former, usually does not cause permanent damage and pollution of the natural environment, it will not cause a lot of people casualties, and trigger a humanitarian disaster. Second, the cost of deterrence to cost-inefficient. Network warfare weapons to viruses, Trojan horses and other software-based, relatively low cost, low technology threshold, and damage caused by the effect has been amazing. Cyber ​​Defense broad area, are very hard to improve network security level of a grade each input costs increase exponentially. Low-cost network attack and defense of the high cost of network contrast, making the network attack and defense presented “spear shield thin” features, network warfare weapon which is called “poor atomic bomb.” Third, diverse practical means of deterrence. A variety of network warfare weapons, cyber attacks target pluralism, the decision has diverse cyberspace deterrent to choose from. Network attack effect to a certain extent is recoverable, if used properly implemented, the initiation and escalation of the war to promote war risk is relatively small. In a sense, the deterrent value of nuclear weapons is much greater than the actual value, and network warfare weapons is both practical value and deterrent value.Fourth, deterrence using reusable flexibility. “Nuclear threshold” Once across the full nuclear war will break out, both sides in the nuclear balance of mutual destruction will fall into the state, easily a nuclear deterrent against non-nuclear countries in particular, nuclear deterrence, but also lead to international condemnation, these factors which greatly limits the use of the nuclear deterrent. The cyberspace deterrence Flex, controllable power characteristics, which can be determined according to the change and the need for military struggle situation, timely regulatory deterrence strength, the initial use, full use, re-use, and highly flexible.

(B) lack of deterrence in cyberspace

Inadequate deterrence in cyberspace, mainly reflected in: First, the credibility of the deterrent effect has not been fully verified. The credibility of nuclear deterrence has been verified in actual combat. However, until now, the war in the true sense of the network have not really broken out. People cyberwarfare amazing destructive power, more of a speculation and worry, the real power of cyber warfare only after the actual test, we can really convincing. Second, the reliability of the means of deterrence is not too high. Cyberwar is a dynamic process two sides of continuous interaction network attack and defense, the network against complex, highly technical characteristics, determine the effect of cyber warfare attacks with greater uncertainty, there may not achieve the desired objective of the operation, so that the deterrent effect of greatly reduced . For example, when you attack the enemy in cyberspace combat deter enemy if promptly take all effective means of defense, it will increase the difficulty of one’s own cyber attacks and reduce the destructive effect, and even lead to the failure of the attack.Third, deterrence scope for further improvement in controllability. Virus weapons as an important weapon cyber warfare, the spread of resistance, controllability is poor, affecting relatively wide range, it is difficult for the enemy to launch specialized computers and networks, highly targeted attacks. If you can not control its effective scope, it will spread to a third-party neutral countries and even make itself a victim, thus using viral weapons are “legislator” of the suffering. Four is selectively limited deterrence object. Nuclear deterrence for any country is clear and effective, and the degree of information in cyberspace deterrent effect of a great relationship with the enemy. Cyberspace deter high degree of information is extremely effective countries, and for that information infrastructure is weak, not strong network dependent LDCs, the effect is difficult to play, or even completely ineffective. Five is relatively complex organization deterrence implementation. Various nuclear countries in the world are all focused on the implementation of the strategic nuclear forces unified management, command and control of the highly centralized organization and implementation of nuclear deterrence when action can be accurately controlled to each combat unit, very well organized and implemented. The organization and implementation of deterrence in cyberspace, to be involved in reconnaissance, control, prevent, control and other support forces, personnel, large scale, and scattered in different departments and units of the military, the organization is very complex and not easy to form a joint force.

Second, the main type of deterrence in cyberspace

Deterrence in cyberspace there are cyberspace technology test deterrence, deterrence in cyberspace display equipment, network space and cyberspace combat exercise deterrence deterrence four types of operations. Among them, the first three are shown in form of deterrence, the latter is the real deterrent.

(A) technical trial deterrence in cyberspace

Cyberspace technology test of deterrence, is in the field of cyber warfare, regularly carry out new operational concepts early exploratory trials, new attacks and tactical mechanism confirms test results, new technologies weaponization practical tests, and through the media and disclose to demonstrate their strong information technology infrastructure research capabilities, and network warfare capability into the enormous potential to achieve deterrence opponent’s goal. Currently, the network attack and defense technology is still rapid development, a key breakthrough technology, cyberspace and often have a significant impact on operations, or even lead to revolutionary change. Who is the first to occupy the strategic high ground network attack and defense technology, who will be able to achieve significant advantages in the future network warfare.

(B) equipment display deterrence in cyberspace

Cyberspace equipment display deterrence in cyber warfare equipment development plan formulation, technology development, targeting all stages of development testing, stereotypes production, according to the need for appropriate disclosure of network warfare equipment models, performance, features, parameters, and the development schedule, etc., in order to achieve deterrence opponent’s goal. Its methods are mainly two: one is by the defense white paper, diplomatic communiques and newspapers, periodicals, websites and other large-scale public disclosure of authoritative media from official sources, the implementation of explicit deterrence; the other is through a network of social media or other unofficial channels, deliberately leaking equipment relevant circumstances, the implementation of implicit deterrence.Cyberspace equipment display deterrence, one can fictitious new mechanism, the new concept of the new cyber-warfare equipment, and render their unique combat capability; on the other hand can be deliberately exaggerated the combat effectiveness of the existing network warfare equipment. There are virtual reality, real There are virtual, the implementation of a policy of ambiguity, so that the other lost in one’s own truth and strength, fear and psychological fear. For example, the US military’s “chute” airborne network attack system electrical integration has been repeatedly put into practical use, its hostile air defense system of the country pose a serious threat, but the basic principle, the working mechanism, tactical and technical indicators have neither publicly disclosed, nor by his country fully grasp cracks, has been shrouded in secrecy, it is difficult to distinguish the actual situation, it played a very good deterrent.

(C) combat exercise deterrence in cyberspace

Cyberspace exercise deterrence, is the way real soldiers or virtual exercises launched in cyberspace, and through various media channels to combat potential rival to show their cyber capabilities, strength and determination to achieve deterrence opponent’s goal. Cyberspace war exercises and military exercises can be divided into two kinds of virtual exercises. The former is usually the country or jointly with allies, generally joint military exercises in cyberspace defense action-oriented. In recent years, the United States and its allies held a number of “Cyber ​​Storm” series of network warfare exercises, and “Schriever” series of space – cyberspace exercise, a good show cyberwarfare mobilization strength, overall defense level, and the implementation of network warfare determination. The latter is usually the national large-scale integrated network Range held generally exercise the power of the military professional network warfare offensive action-oriented.

(D) operations in cyberspace deterrence

Cyberspace operations deterrence, refers to a particular network targets Attack effect to make sure to deter an actual combat the opponent’s deterrence. The timing of its use are two: First, when one’s own perceived enemy is about to wage war on one’s own, the focus of one’s own choice of enemy defenses against network-critical objectives targeted, preventive, dissuasive deterrence; the second is when the enemy When the party through one’s own network launched probing attacks, the implementation of deterrence in cyberspace, one’s own need for effective retaliatory, punitive deterrence immediately. Network warfare operations deterrent effect of a variety. For example, infiltration and sabotage the enemy telecommunications network, the phone sends a large number of people to its anti-war message enemy; the enemy to attack the power grid, causing the enemy’s major cities short of blackouts; broadcast television network to attack the enemy in one’s own prime-time spots a special video program; and so on.

Third, the use of elements of deterrence in cyberspace

The overall use of cyberspace deterrence requirements are: deterrence of war combined with strength, combat capability and determination to show, and strive to reflect the small war deterrence to ensure deterrence fine fight, with little cost to achieve deterrence purposes. Specifically, you should do the following.

(A) both peacetime and wartime, long-term preparations

“Rome was not built in a day.” The successful implementation of cyberspace deterrence, peacetime and wartime needs, will be carried out in the usual full detailed preparation. First, we must conduct a comprehensive and thorough network reconnaissance. Requires intelligence reconnaissance and surveillance technology, wireless surveillance and reconnaissance wired combined network enemy targets long-term sustainability of the network reconnaissance, and gradually find out the basic situation of the enemy network, draws its network topology map, especially analysis to find out the enemy all kinds of soft Vulnerability hardware system. The second is to carry out a large number of effective strategies presets. Using hacking tools, through the use of loopholes in the system or other measures to decipher passwords, secret penetration into enemy various types of networks, leaving the back door, set the stepping stones, planted logic bombs and Trojans, cyber attacks aside for the future launch breakthrough. Third, pre-network defenses are prepared. When the enemy to implement cyberspace deterrence, adjust the network’s own defense deployment in advance, so that the enemy attack path predesigned expected use of system vulnerabilities to attack the program scheduled to be executed difficult to implement, or to implement greatly reduced, to minimize the enemy Network revenge losses.

(B) careful decision-making, control the intensity

Sun Tzu said: “Lord, not anger and Xingshi, will not be indignant caused the war.” Cyberspace deterrence strategy game behavior between countries, especially real deterrence and sensitivity, we must do rational, beneficial, section, must not because deterrence “threshold” low abuse indiscriminate use, otherwise the effect may be counterproductive . Cyberspace real deterrent to combat the strength of the control of demanding. On the one hand, if the intensity is too small, an enemy government and people will not have fear, not achieve the desired deterrent effect, the person may also take the same means to implement anti-deterrence, eventually leading to confrontation upgrade, make one’s own deterrence fail. On the other hand, if the intensity is too large, to the enemy causing huge economic losses and casualties caused by the international community to condemn and enemy government, people’s hatred, it could lead to the use of conventional enemy forces massive retaliation, even nuclear states might use nuclear power, so not only can not deter war ended, it will play the role of the fuse of war.

(C) unity of command, well-organized

Organization and implementation of deterrence in cyberspace, to centralized command, unified planning, improve collaboration. First, the well-organized force. Unified organization of military reconnaissance, attack, defense, control four forces, actively coordinate military forces the parties to form a joint force cyberwarfare. In particular, to organize and coordinate the civil non-professional cyber warfare forces especially patriotic hackers, can not appear “rashness” phenomenon, so as not to lead to friction, misfires, causing cyber warfare upgrades, or premature disclosure attack intentions, a handle , resulting in uncontrollable situation or action fails. Second, the precise and appropriate choice target. It should affect a wide selection, easy to produce significant deterrent effect of the goal. For example, the ratings ranking of radio and television channels, access to a huge amount of portals, many users of wireless communication networks. You can not select innocuous, the impact was small, the public indifference to attack targets, easily mistaken for network security incidents ordinary hackers manufactured not achieve the desired deterrent effect. Also, consider the constraints of international law and the laws of war, you can not select targets could easily lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, try not to choose the network destination railway, aviation, financial, medical and other sectors, so as not to provoke the international community and other public condemnation and resentment.Third, the precise control of the process. Before implementing cyberspace deterrent against, to issue a warning to the enemy hit by extensive propaganda campaign, declared to the world the justice of one’s own actions, to gain the understanding and support of international public opinion. To highlight the deterrent effect, can one’s own network announced high-profile target enemy to attack, then break the enemy defense layers of the network, implement firm and effective network attacks, and finally, if necessary, but also on the effect of timing recovery network attacks to demonstrate one’s own superb network attack techniques and tools, so that policy makers and the public to produce enemy off guard, overwhelming psychological frustration, thereby forming a strong deterrent effect.

(D) the actual situation, focusing on strategy

Sun Tzu said, “it can and can not be shown, and illustrates it with no”, applied to cyberspace deterrence, summed up the gist of “show undeclared, declared and not shown.” “Show undeclared”, is the use of cyber attacks is difficult to track the location of this, cyber attacks on specific targets, but not announced is that of one’s own, both showing one’s own ability, but also makes the enemy, although suspicion is that as one’s own, But there is no evidence, can not be pursued. “Vision does not show”, it is publicity or inadvertently disclose one’s own research or advanced network warfare equipment fictional models, performance, features, deliberately exaggerate their operational effectiveness, falsehoods, actual situation, make the enemy unable to figure out the true strength of one’s own to produce a deterrent effect. Network warfare operations traceable having difficulty tracing, forensics complex features, the initiator can either admit to be denied, or put the blame on civil hackers.

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