Chinese Military Focusing on Future Wars and Fighting the “Five Battles” of Cognition



Most of the local wars and armed conflicts in recent years have been “hybrid” confrontations carried out in multiple dimensions and fields, emphasizing the use of military, political, economic and other means to implement systematic control in the dimension of comprehensive decision-making, creating all kinds of chaos in the dimension of international communication, and creating various chaos in the dimension of international communication. Conduct targeted strikes in the strategic focus dimension, actively shape the battlefield situation, and seek to seize the strategic initiative. In future wars, in order to successfully fight political and military battles and military and political battles, we should deeply grasp the characteristics and laws of offensive and defensive operations in the cognitive domain and improve our ability to fight the “five battles” well.

Be proactive in cognitive operations, shape the situation and control the situation, and fight proactively. Before the war begins, cognition comes first. With the continuous development and evolution of war forms, the status and role of cognitive domain operations continue to be highlighted. Aiming to win future wars, cognitive deployment should be carried out in advance. Through strategies, information, technology and other means and carriers, the physiological, psychological, values ​​and other cognitive factors of target objects should be affected, intervened and manipulated, and cognitive attack and defense should be used to cover military operations and accurately Efficiently dominate cognitive space. Fully understand the importance of being first, grasp the definition and interpretation power of “narrative” flexibly and autonomously, emphasize pre-emption to win the initiative in the cognitive narrative struggle dimension, create a favorable situation in which legal principles are in hand and morality is on our side, and occupy the moral commanding heights.

Cognitive operations focus on attacking the heart, and implement layered strategies to fight precise battles. “Those who are good at fighting will benefit others without killing them.” In future wars, the combat space will extend to the deep sea, deep space, deep network and other fields, and the battlefield space and time will present the characteristics of being extremely far, extremely small, extremely intelligent and uninhabited, invisible, and silent. We should keep a close eye on cognitive gaps to improve effectiveness, and use methods such as big data simulation, artificial intelligence matching, and psychological model evaluation to analyze and control the key information of cognitive subjects to achieve effective penetration and early deterrence of cognitive subject information. Closely focus on cognitive blind spots to enhance penetration, target the ideological consensus points, psychological connection points, and spiritual pillar points that maintain the unity of powerful enemy alliances to carry out effective strikes, and use their cognitive differences and interest conflicts to achieve differentiation and disintegration at all levels.

Based on cognitive combat strategies, we must penetrate the entire territory and fight for deterrence and control. In future wars, the strategic competition and tactical confrontation between the two warring parties will be extremely fierce. We should pay close attention to the decision-making process and make comprehensive efforts to increase the opponent’s decision-making dilemma and form our own decision-making advantages. On the one hand, we must pay more attention to key nodes such as the enemy’s decision-making center, command hub, reconnaissance and early warning system, and use advanced strike methods to physically destroy these nodes. On the other hand, we must pay more attention to the “soft kill” effects of cognitive shaping, cognitive induction, cognitive intervention and cognitive control, and embed cognitive domain operations into “hard destruction”, which not only creates a strong deterrent through precise strikes with high-tech weapons, but also integrates new qualities The combat power is expanded to the cognitive dimension, thus forming an asymmetric check and balance advantage.

Cognitive combat information is king, expand the field and fight for support. Future wars cannot be separated from strong information support, and system integration should be accelerated to gain data advantages. First of all, speed up the construction of cognitive offensive and defensive operations theory library, database, talent library, case library, and tactics library, dynamically collect and update the current status of the enemy’s cognitive offensive and defensive operations capabilities, and provide all-round support for cognitive offensive and defensive operations. Secondly, speed up the creation of the integrated media communication matrix, improve the self-owned platform system, speed up the deployment of network platforms, focus on system integration and collaboration, break down the “barriers” of information interconnection as soon as possible, and achieve cognitive integration and sharing, and comprehensive results. Thirdly, accelerate the coupling and linkage of information and cognitive domain operations, vigorously develop core technologies such as neural network systems, artificial intelligence applications, cognitive decision-making, psychological attack and defense, mine and analyze cross-domain and heterogeneous cognitive information, and improve the information fusion system of cognitive means to win the future. War provides “clairvoyance” and “early ears”.

Cognitive combat coordination is the key, and multi-dimensional efforts are used to fight the overall battle. Future wars are joint operations carried out in land, sea, air, space, network, electromagnetic and other fields. System thinking should be adhered to, the awareness of collaboration should be strengthened, and the compatibility and coordination of cognitive domain operations and other military operations should be improved. For example, it can integrate human intelligence, geographical intelligence, open source intelligence, etc., quickly collect and process massive data, remove falsehoods while retaining truth, seize cognitive space accurately and efficiently, achieve complementary advantages, and form cognitive advantages through full domain coverage. By networking dispersed multi-domain forces, we can establish an all-domain joint force with high connectivity, collective action, and overall attack to achieve the effect of “integrated deterrence.” By integrating national resources, strengthening strategic communication, using cognitive momentum to amplify the effects of political disruption, economic sanctions, and diplomatic offensives, and cooperating with military operations to put pressure on target targets in an all-round way, we strive to defeat the enemy without fighting.

(Author’s unit: University of Aerospace Engineering)


近年來的局部戰爭和武裝衝突大多是多維度、多領域開展的「混合型」對抗,強調運用軍事、政治、經濟等手段在綜合決策維度實施系統控制,在國際交往的維度上製造各種混亂,在國際交往的維度上製造各種混亂。 戰略重點維度精準打擊,主動塑造戰場態勢,尋求奪取戰略主動權。 在未來戰爭中,要打好政治軍事鬥爭、軍事政治鬥爭,就必須深刻掌​​握認知域攻防作戰的特徵和規律,提升打好「五個戰役」的能力。

認知作戰主動出擊,塑造局勢、掌控局面,主動出擊。 在戰爭開始之前,認​​知是第一位的。 隨著戰爭形式的不斷發展與演變,認知域作戰的地位與角色不斷凸顯。 為了贏得未來戰爭,必須事先進行認知部署。 透過策略、資訊、技術等手段和載​​體,對目標對象的生理、心理、價值觀等認知因素進行影響、介入和操控,以認知攻防覆蓋軍事行動,精準高效主導認知空間。 充分認識先行的重要性,靈活自主地掌握「敘事」的定義和解釋權,強調先發制人,贏得認知敘事鬥爭維度的主動權,營造法理在手、道德在手的良好局面就在我們這邊,佔據道德高點。

認知作戰重在攻心,實施分層策略打精準戰。 “善戰者,利人而不害人。” 未來戰爭,作戰空間將延伸至深海、深空、深網等領域,戰場時空將呈現極遠、極小、極智、無人、隱形、無聲的特徵。 資訊. 緊緊圍繞認知盲點增強穿透力,針對維護強敵聯盟團結的思想共識點、心理連接點、精神支柱點進行有效打擊,利用其認知差異和利益衝突實現差異化和戰略性打擊。各個層面的瓦解。

基於認知作戰策略,我們必須滲透全境,爭取威懾和控制。 未來戰爭中,交戰雙方的戰略競爭和戰術對抗將會異常激烈。 要密切注意決策過程,綜合發力,增加對手決策困境,形成自己的決策優勢。 一方面,要更重視敵方決策中心、指揮樞紐、偵察預警系統等關鍵節點,採用先進打擊手段對這些節點進行物理摧毀。 另一方面,要更重視認知塑造、認知誘導、認知介入、認知控制的「軟殺傷」作用,將認知域作戰嵌入「硬殺傷」中,不僅透過精準打擊形成強大威懾。以高科技武器打擊的同時,也將新素質的戰鬥力擴展到認知維度,進而形成非對稱制衡優勢。

認知作戰資訊為王,拓展領域,爭取支援。 未來戰爭離不開強大的資訊支撐,應加快系統整合以獲得數據優勢。 首先,加速認知攻防作戰理論庫、資料庫、人才庫、案例庫、戰術庫建設,動態收集和更新敵方認知攻防作戰能力現狀,提供全方位對認知進攻和防禦行動的全面支持。 二是加快打造綜合媒體傳播矩陣,完善自有平台體系,加速網路平台部署,聚焦系統

各方融合協作,盡快打破資訊互聯互通的“壁壘”,實現認知融合共享、綜合成果。 第三是加速資訊與認知域運算耦合連結,大力發展神經網路系統、人工智慧應用、認知決策、心理攻防等核心技術,挖掘分析跨領域、異質認知訊息,完善認知手段資訊融合體系,贏得未來。 戰爭提供了「千里眼」和「早耳」。

認知作戰協同是關鍵,多維度發力打好整體戰。 未來戰爭是在陸、海、空、太空、網路、電磁等領域進行聯合作戰。 要堅持系統思維,強化協同意識,提高認知域作戰與其他軍事行動的兼容性和協調性。 例如,可以融合人類智慧、地理智慧、開源智慧等,快速擷取處理大量數據,去偽存真,精準高效搶佔認知空間,實現優勢互補,透過全域形成認知優勢覆蓋範圍。 透過將分散的多域力量聯網,建立高度連結、集體行動、整體出擊的全局聯合部隊,達到「一體化威懾」的效果。 透過整合國家資源,加強戰略溝通,利用認知動能放大政治擾亂、經濟制裁、外交攻勢的效果,配合軍事行動,全方位對目標對象施壓,力爭戰勝敵人不戰而屈人之兵。


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