Communist Chinese Cyber Fundamentals : Strategic Thinking of Network Power //共產主義中國網絡基礎:網絡權力的戰略思考

Communist Chinese Fundamentals : Strategic Thinking of Network Power //


Author: 中國共產黨

Date: 2017

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping has attached great importance to and vigorously promoted cybersecurity and informationization, profoundly grasped the characteristics of the development of the information age of human society, and objectively analyzed the current national conditions of China’s Internet development and the development of global Internet. The situation has successively issued a series of important speeches, and put forward a series of new ideas, new ideas and new theories on the governance of the Internet, and scientifically answered the major question of “why build a network power, build a network power and how to build a network power”. Formed Xi Jinping’s strategic thinking of network power. Seriously studying these new ideas is of great significance to promoting the building of a network-building nation and realizing the “two hundred years” struggle goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

First, why build a network power

On February 27, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping initially proposed the vision of building a network power in the first meeting of the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group, and systematically explained the background, situation, tasks and connotations of the network power. Requirements, thus making this idea a relatively complete, systematic theoretical system.

Xi Jinping put forward a rigorous logical relationship between the strategic thinking of the network power, starting from the foundation of the big power network, in view of the overall situation of the network business and the new situation changes, especially objectively analyzing the existing gap and strengthening the strategy of building a network power. aims. In his speech, Xi Jinping pointed out that in today’s world, the information technology revolution is changing with each passing day, which has had a profound impact on the development of international politics, economy, culture, society and military. Informatization and economic globalization have promoted each other, and the Internet has been integrated into all aspects of social life, profoundly changing people’s production and lifestyle. China is in the midst of this tide and is getting more and more affected. China’s Internet and informatization work has achieved remarkable development achievements. The network has entered thousands of households, and the number of Internet users is the highest in the world. China has become a big network country. This is our basic premise. He pointed out that the Internet is a big platform for social information. The hundreds of millions of Internet users have access to information and exchange information. This will have an important impact on their ways of seeking knowledge, ways of thinking, and values. In particular, they will be against the country, society, and Work and perceptions of life have an important impact. Xi Jinping emphasized that cybersecurity and informatization are all about the whole world of a country. We must recognize the situation and tasks we are facing, fully understand the importance and urgency of doing a good job, and seek for the situation. Take the trend and follow the trend. This is all about the whole. Xi Jinping pointed out that with the development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, the social governance model is shifting from one-way management to two-way interaction, from offline to online and offline integration, from simple government supervision to more emphasis on social coordinated governance. This is a change in the situation. In today’s world, information technology is developing very fast. If you don’t advance, you will retreat. Compared with the world’s advanced level, compared with the strategic goal of building a network power, we still have a lot of gaps in many aspects, especially in terms of Internet innovation capability, infrastructure construction, information resource sharing, and industrial strength. The biggest gap is in core technology.

Second, what kind of network power to build

Xi Jinping pointed out that without cyber security, there would be no national security, and without informationization, there would be no modernization. To build a network power, we must have our own technology and have strong technology; we must have rich and comprehensive information services, a prosperous and developing network culture; we must have a good information infrastructure to form a strong information economy; we must have a high-quality network. Security and information technology talent team; we must actively carry out bilateral and multilateral Internet international exchanges and cooperation. He also stressed that cyberspace is the spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people. The cyberspace is clear and ecological, and is in line with the interests of the people. The cyberspace is smouldering and deteriorating, and it is not in the interests of the people.

In a nutshell, there are at least six major signs of network power: First, the network information infrastructure must be at the world’s leading level. The second is to have a clear cyberspace strategy and a network voice in the international community. Third, the key technologies must be self-controllable, especially the operating system and CPU technology. Fourth, network security must have sufficient safeguards and capabilities. Fifth, network applications should be at the world’s leading level in terms of scale and quality. Sixth, in the cyberspace strategy, we must have the ability and strength to occupy the commanding heights.

The Outline of the National Informatization Strategy proposes that the construction of a network powerhouse is divided into three steps: the first step is to 2020, the total amount of information consumption will reach 6 trillion yuan, and the scale of e-commerce transactions will reach 38 trillion yuan. At the international advanced level, the international competitiveness of the information industry has been greatly enhanced, and information technology has become the leading force driving the modernization drive. The second step is to 20 billion yuan in information consumption by 2025, and the scale of e-commerce transactions has reached 67 trillion yuan. The leading mobile communication network fundamentally changes the core key technologies to be controlled by people, realizes the strategic goals of advanced technology, developed industry, advanced application, and insecure network security. A large number of large-scale multinational network enterprises with strong international competitiveness emerge; By the middle of this century, informationization has comprehensively supported the building of a socialist modernized country with rich, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious relations. The status of a network powerhouse has been increasingly consolidated, and it has made greater achievements in leading the development of global informationization.

Xi Jinping planned the timetable for building a network powerhouse. The strategic deployment of building a network powerhouse should be promoted in parallel with the goal of “two hundred years”, the basic popularization of network infrastructure, the enhancement of independent innovation capability, the comprehensive development of information economy, and network security. Ensuring strong goals continue to advance.

Third, how to build a network power

(1) Fundamental requirements: People-centered

Governing the country is always the same, and the people are oriented. Xi Jinping emphasized that in order to develop the network business, it is necessary to implement the people-centered development thinking. It is necessary to adapt to people’s expectations and needs, accelerate the popularization of information services, reduce application costs, and provide useful, affordable and well-used information services for the people, so that hundreds of millions of people can gain more sense of sharing Internet development results. . Compared with cities, rural Internet infrastructure construction is our shortcoming. It is necessary to increase investment, speed up the pace of rural Internet construction, and expand the effective coverage of fiber-optic networks and broadband networks in rural areas. We can do a good job in the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, develop smart manufacturing, and drive more people to innovate and start a business; we can aim at the main direction of agricultural modernization, improve the level of agricultural production intelligence and network management, and help farmers increase their income; Give full play to the advantages of the Internet, implement “Internet + education”, “Internet + medical”, “Internet + culture”, etc., to promote the equalization of basic public services; can play the role of the Internet in helping to overcome poverty and promote accurate poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation, Let more difficult people use the Internet, let agricultural products go out of the country through the Internet, and enable children in the ravine to receive quality education; accelerate the promotion of e-government, encourage government departments at all levels to break down information barriers, improve service efficiency, and let the people run less errands. More information, running, solving problems that are difficult to handle, slow, and complicated. There are many things to do in these areas. Some Internet companies have already tried and achieved good economic and social benefits.

On November 29, 2016, the National Network Poverty Alleviation Work Promotion Meeting was held in Ningdu, Jiangxi. “We must implement the network poverty alleviation action, promote accurate poverty alleviation, and accurately eliminate poverty, so that poverty alleviation work can be accessible anytime and anywhere, so that people in poverty-stricken areas have more sense of gaining in the Internet construction and sharing.” General Secretary Xi is an important indicator in the old Red Revolution. Once again, the network’s poverty alleviation has become a new lever to win the overall well-off.

(II) Concept requirements: Practicing the five development concepts

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee put forward a new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. This is based on profoundly summarizing domestic and foreign development experience and lessons, and in-depth analysis of domestic and international development trends. Our party has a new understanding of China’s economic and social development laws. Promoting China’s economic and social development in accordance with the new development concept is the general requirement and general trend of China’s development in the current and future period. The ancients said: “At any time, to raise things, to make meritorious deeds due to capital, and to profit from the power of all things.” The development of China’s online letter business should adapt to this general trend. Generally speaking, the network letter business represents new productivity and new development direction, and should be able to take the lead in practicing the new development concept.

Innovation is the core strength of the development of the network business. Innovation is the genes of Internet development. The concept innovation and technological innovation of the Internet are the needs of its own development. If there is no progress in the Internet tide, there will be no living space without innovation. We must always place innovation at the forefront, promote institutional and institutional innovation, concept innovation, technological innovation, and application innovation, and support the encouragement of Internet entrepreneurs, leading talents, and engineers to create and create innovative technologies for the development of the Internet. Xi Jinping pointed out at the 2nd World Internet Conference: “China is implementing the ‘Internet +’ action plan, promoting the construction of ‘Digital China’, developing the sharing economy, supporting various Internet-based innovations, and improving the quality and efficiency of development.”

Coordination is the inherent requirement of the development of the network business. Whether it is domestic or foreign, there are problems of unbalanced and uncoordinated development of network security and informationization. To solve these problems, we must establish a concept of coordinated development, eliminate the digital divide, narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, regional differences, and ensure information security. Balanced development, all-round development, and safe development. At the first meeting of the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group, Xi Jinping pointed out: “From the international and domestic general trend, the overall layout, co-ordinate all parties, innovation and development, and strive to build China into a network power.”

Green development is an important guarantee for the healthy development of the network business. The information industry is a green industry. Informationization and networking are supporting the application and upgrading of industries, agriculture, and national defense, and promoting green development, low-carbon development, and circular development. It is necessary to carry forward the main theme, spread positive energy, and make the cyberspace clear. At the symposium on April 19, 2016, Xi Jinping pointed out: “The cyberspace is clear and ecological, and it is in line with the interests of the people. The cyberspace is smouldering and ecologically degraded, which is not in the interest of the people.” He also stressed: “We want this Responsible for the society and responsible for the people, strengthen the cyberspace governance in accordance with the law, strengthen the construction of online content, strengthen the positive publicity on the Internet, foster a positive and healthy, up-to-good network culture, and nourish the social core values ​​and the outstanding achievements of human civilization. People’s hearts, nourish the society, and achieve positive energy and high melody, creating a clean and cyberspace for the majority of Internet users, especially young people.”

Openness is the essential feature of the development of the network business. The Internet has opened the door to openness in all countries of the world. Xi Jinping pointed out: “The Internet has turned the world into a global village where the sound of chickens and dogs is heard. People who are thousands of miles away are no longer ‘old and dead.’ It can be said that the world is more colorful because of the Internet, and life is more because of the Internet. Rich.” The development of China’s Internet industry is inseparable from the world, and the Internet industry in the world cannot be separated from China. Xi Jinping pointed out at the Second World Internet Conference: “The Internet in China is booming, providing a broad market space for enterprises and entrepreneurs in various countries. The door to China’s opening will never be closed, and the policy of using foreign capital will not change. Foreign-invested enterprises The protection of legitimate rights and interests will not change, and the direction for countries and enterprises to provide better services in China will not change. He also stressed: “All countries should promote open cooperation in the Internet field, enrich the open connotation, increase the level of openness, and build more Communicate and cooperate with the platform to create more points of interest, cooperation growth, and win-win new highlights, and promote mutual complementarity and common development in the cyberspace, so that more countries and people can take advantage of the information age of express trains and share Internet development results.” We must actively participate in international Internet exchanges and cooperation, learn from the advanced experience and technological achievements of countries around the world, grasp and lead the development trend of the Internet, and promote open cooperation and mutual benefit for cyberspace.

Sharing is the fundamental purpose of the development of the network business. Serving the people and benefiting the people’s livelihood is the fundamental starting point and the foothold of China’s Internet development. Xi Jinping stressed: “In order to develop the network, the company must implement the people-centered development thinking. It is necessary to adapt to the people’s expectations and needs, accelerate the popularization of information services, reduce the application cost, and provide the people with the necessary, affordable and useful. Good information services will enable hundreds of millions of people to gain more sense of sharing Internet development results. “We must push the network into thousands of households and guide the people to understand the world, master information, exchange ideas, innovate and improve, and improve through the Internet. Life, let the Internet development achievements not only benefit the 1.3 billion Chinese people, but also benefit the people of all countries in the world.

(3) Governance requirements: safety and development go hand in hand

In 2014, Xi Jinping emphasized at the first meeting of the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group that “maintenance of network space security and network data integrity, security, reliability, and maintenance of network space security capabilities.” He also called for the overall relationship between network security and informatization. “Network security and informatization are two wings and two wheels of integration. They must be unified planning, unified deployment, unified promotion, and unified implementation. Do a good job in network security and informationization. Work, we must handle the relationship between security and development, to achieve coherence, go hand in hand, to ensure development by safety, to promote safety through development, to strive to build a long-term security, growth and governance.” Two years later, at the symposium, he pointed out again “Network security and informatization are mutually reinforcing. Security is the premise of development, development is the guarantee of security, and security and development must advance simultaneously. From a global perspective, cybersecurity threats and risks are increasingly prominent, and increasingly toward politics, economy, Conductive penetration in the fields of culture, society, ecology, national defense, etc., especially the key information infrastructure of the country Face greater potential risks, prevention and control of network security capability is weak, it is difficult to effectively deal with national, organized high-strength network attacks. This is a problem for the world, we are certainly no exception. “

In addition, he pointed out that “in the face of complex and severe network security situation, we must remain clear-headed, and all parties must jointly manage and effectively maintain network security.” First, establish a correct view of network security. The idea determines the action. There are several main features of today’s network security. First, cybersecurity is holistic rather than fragmented. Second, network security is dynamic rather than static. Third, cybersecurity is open rather than closed. Fourth, cybersecurity is relative rather than absolute. Fifth, cybersecurity is common rather than isolated. Second, accelerate the construction of a key information infrastructure security system. Third, all-weather perception of the network security situation. Fourth, enhance network security defense capabilities and deterrence capabilities.

(4) Cadre requirements: Take the network mass line and build a concentric circle

The mass line is the fundamental line of our party. Xi Jinping pointed out: “The netizens come from the common people, the people are on the net, and the public opinion is on the net. Where are the people, where are our leading cadres going, or how to contact the masses? Party and government organs and leading cadres at all levels must learn Take the mass route through the Internet, often go online to see, dive, chat, and voice, understand what the masses think, collect good ideas and suggestions, and actively respond to netizens’ concerns and doubts. Be good at using the Internet to understand public opinion and work. It is the basic skill of leading cadres to do their work well under the new situation.”

How to take the network mass route? Xi Jinping gave the method. “The majority of netizens are ordinary people, come from all directions, and their experiences are different. The opinions and ideas must be varied. They cannot be asked to be so accurate and correct about all issues. To be more inclusive. And patience, timely absorption of constructive opinions, timely assistance for difficulties, timely referrals to those who do not understand the situation, timely clarification of vague understanding, timely resolution of complaints of resentment, timely guidance and correction of wrong opinions, Let the Internet become a new platform for us to communicate and communicate with the masses, and become a new way to understand the masses, be close to the masses, solve problems for the masses, and become a new channel for carrying forward people’s democracy and accepting people’s supervision.”

At the same time, Xi Jinping pointed out the efforts of cadres at all levels. “To correctly handle the relationship between security and development, openness and autonomy, management and service, and constantly improve the ability to grasp the laws of the Internet, the ability to guide the public opinion, and the development of informationization. Capabilities, the ability to guarantee network security, and the continuous advancement of network power construction.”

(5) Management requirements: unified leadership, management according to law

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 36th collective study on the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country by the Internet. Accelerate the improvement of network management.

Xi Jinping put forward requirements from the institutional mechanism. He emphasized that the central cybersecurity and informationization leading group should play a centralized and unified leadership role, coordinate and coordinate major issues of cybersecurity and informatization in various fields, and formulate and implement national cybersecurity and informationization development strategies. , macro-planning and major policies, continuously enhance security and security capabilities.

Instructed from the management ideas, in China, more than 700 million people on the Internet, certainly need to manage, and this management is very complicated and very heavy. Enterprises must assume the responsibility of enterprises, and the party and the government must assume the responsibility of the party and the government. No side can give up their responsibilities. It is necessary to deeply understand the role of the Internet in state management and social governance, and to promote e-government and build a new smart city, and to build a nationally integrated national big data center with data concentration and sharing as a way to promote technology integration. Business integration, data integration, and cross-level, cross-regional, cross-system, cross-department, and cross-business collaborative management and services. It is necessary to strengthen the Internet thinking, take advantage of the flat, interactive and rapid advantages of the Internet, promote the scientific decision-making of the government, the precision of social governance, the efficiency of public services, and better use the means of information to better understand the social situation, smooth communication channels, and assist decision-making governance. .

From the legislative norms to point out the direction, we must promptly formulate legislative plans, improve Internet information content management, key information infrastructure protection and other laws and regulations, manage cyberspace in accordance with the law, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. It is necessary to strictly guard against cybercrime, especially new cybercrime, and safeguard the interests of the people and the harmony and stability of society. It is necessary to speed up the process of network legislation, improve the regulatory measures according to law, and resolve network risks. It is necessary to strengthen the management of big data in accordance with the law. Some data concerning national interests and national security are in the hands of Internet companies, and enterprises must ensure the security of these data. Enterprises should pay attention to data security. If the company has problems with data protection and security, it will also have an adverse impact on its own reputation.

It also puts forward hopes for the whole society. Network security is for the people, network security depends on the people, and maintaining network security is the common responsibility of the whole society. It requires the government, enterprises, social organizations and the majority of netizens to participate in the construction of a network security defense line. These characteristics must be well grasped by all relevant parties.

(6) Guarantee requirements: technological breakthroughs, construction of infrastructure and sharing systems

Xi Jinping emphasized that in order to grasp the initiative of China’s Internet development and safeguard Internet security and national security, we must break through the core technology and strive to achieve “curve overtaking” in certain areas and in certain aspects. To achieve breakthroughs in core technologies, we must have determination, perseverance, and focus. He hopes that the vast number of entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and scientific and technological personnel in the field of China’s online information should establish this ambition, strive for this tone, and strive to achieve new major breakthroughs in core technology as soon as possible. The so-called “days, not afraid of thousands of miles; often do, not afraid of thousands of things.”

Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to firmly hold the core technology of independent innovation, and to break through the cutting-edge technologies of network development and key core technologies with international competitiveness, accelerate the promotion of domestically controlled independent alternative plans, and build a safe and controllable information technology system. . First, correctly handle open and autonomous relationships. Second, concentrate on the scientific research investment to do big things. Third, actively promote the transformation of core technological achievements. Fourth, promote strong alliances and coordinated research. Fifth, we can explore the formation of an alliance of industry, academia and research, and open the list. To lay a solid foundation for the research and development of core technologies, it is necessary not only to blow up the charge, but also to blow up the collection number, that is, to accumulate the strongest forces together to form the commando and special forces.

Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to speed up the construction of a key information infrastructure security system. The key information infrastructure in the fields of finance, energy, electricity, communications, transportation, etc. is the nerve center of economic and social operation, the top priority of network security, and the target of possible key attacks. The “physical isolation” line of defense can be invaded across the network, the power allocation instructions can be maliciously tampered with, and the financial transaction information can be stolen. These are major risk hazards. If there is no problem, it will cause traffic disruption, financial disorder, power hupfer and other issues, which is very destructive and lethal. We must conduct in-depth research and take effective measures to effectively protect the country’s critical information infrastructure.

At the same time, he pointed out that it is necessary to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity through informationization, coordinate the development of e-government, build an integrated online service platform, promote the construction of new smart cities by hierarchical classification, open up information barriers, and build a national information resource sharing system. It is easy to use information technology to sense social situation, smooth communication channels, and assist scientific decision-making.

(7) Propaganda requirements: the most important thing, to build consensus

Xi Jinping pointed out that we must adhere to the attitude of being responsible to the society and responsible to the people, strengthen the cyberspace governance in accordance with the law, strengthen the construction of online content, strengthen the positive publicity on the Internet, foster a positive and healthy, up-to-good network culture, and use the socialist core values. outstanding achievements of human civilization and nourishing the heart, nourishing community, so that positive energy is abundant, the main theme of the high for the majority of Internet users, especially young people to create a Delicate gas is cyberspace.

Do online media work is a long-term task to improve the online promotion of innovation, the use of propagation network, promote the theme, stimulate positive energy, great efforts to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, when good grasp of the Internet to guide public opinion, and validity To make the cyberspace clear.

Forming a good online public opinion atmosphere is not to say that there can only be one voice, one tone, but that it cannot be used to confess right and wrong, reverse black and white, make a living, commit crimes, and cannot transcend the legal boundaries of the Constitution. An important means to put power into the cage of the system is to play the role of public opinion supervision, including Internet supervision. This article, party and government organs and leading cadres at all levels must pay special attention to, first of all, do a good job. We must not only welcome, but also carefully study and learn from the online criticism of goodwill and the supervision of the Internet, whether it is for the work of the party and the government or for the leading cadres, whether it is ruthless or loyal.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the new application of new technologies and new technologies in the Internet has made the social mobilization function of the Internet increasingly enhanced. To spread positive energy, enhance communication and guiding force. It is necessary to strictly guard against cybercrime, especially new cybercrime, and safeguard the interests of the people and the harmony and stability of society. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of network communication, experience, and sharing, listen to the will of the people, benefit the people’s livelihood, solve the people’s worries, and unite the social consensus. Online and offline networks should be united and coordinated, forming a good situation for jointly preventing social risks and building a concentric circle together. It is necessary to maintain the security of cyberspace and the integrity, security and reliability of network data, and improve the security of maintaining cyberspace.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the new application of new technologies and new technologies in the Internet has made the social mobilization function of the Internet increasingly enhanced. To spread positive energy, enhance communication and guiding force. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of network communication, experience, and sharing, listen to the will of the people, benefit the people’s livelihood, solve the people’s worries, and unite the social consensus. Online and offline networks should be united and coordinated, forming a good situation for jointly preventing social risks and building a concentric circle together.

(8) Talent requirements: unrestricted talents

“The people are happy, the losers are falling.” Xi Jinping stressed that to build a network power, we must bring together talent resources and build a strong team with strong politics, good business and good work style. “A thousand troops are easy to get, and one will be hard to find.” It is necessary to train scientists, network technology leaders, engineers, and high-level innovation teams that have created world-class skills.

In terms of ideas, he pointed out that the competition in cyberspace is, in the final analysis, talent competition. Building a network power, there is no outstanding talent team, no talent creation, vitality, and it is difficult to succeed. After reading the talents, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Our brains have to turn around, not only paying attention to capital, but also paying attention to talents. The intensity of introducing talents should be further increased, and the steps of reforming the talent system should be further developed. The field of network information can be tested first, and research should be carried out to formulate ways to attract talents, train talents, and retain talents.

In terms of scope, he pointed out that the development of China’s online letter industry must fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and scientific and technological personnel. Entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, and scientific and technological personnel must have the responsibility of the state and social responsibility, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of the national network. Party committees and governments at all levels must respect knowledge and respect talents from the bottom of their hearts, create good conditions for talents to develop their intelligence, create a relaxed environment, and provide a broad platform.

In terms of methods, he pointed out that the Internet is mainly the cause of young people, and it is necessary to reduce talents. It is necessary to emancipate the mind, to recognize the talents, and to love the talents. To train netizen talents, we must make great efforts and make big money. We invite excellent teachers, compile excellent teaching materials, recruit outstanding students, and build a first-class cyberspace security college. Many talents in the Internet field are geeks and geniuses. They often do not take the usual routines and have many whimsy. There must be special policies for treating special talents, not requiring full blame, not arguing for seniority, and not using a ruler.

In terms of policy, he pointed out that it is necessary to adopt special policies, establish a personnel system and a salary system that adapt to the characteristics of online letters, and condense outstanding talents into technical departments, research departments, and management departments. It is necessary to establish a talent evaluation mechanism that adapts to the characteristics of online letters. The actual ability is the standard of measurement. It is not only academic, not only a thesis, not only a qualification, but also highlights professionalism, innovation and practicality. It is necessary to establish a flexible talent incentive mechanism to enable those who contribute to have a sense of accomplishment and a sense of acquisition. It is necessary to explore scientific research results, intellectual property rights, and interest distribution mechanisms in the field of online information, and formulate specific policies on talent stock participation, technology shareholding, and taxation. In the flow of talents, we must break the institutional boundaries and enable talents to achieve an orderly and smooth flow between the government, enterprises, and think tanks. The advantages of the “revolving door” system in foreign countries can also be used for reference.

At the station, he pointed out that there must be a global perspective on talent selection and the introduction of high-end talents. As China’s comprehensive national strength continues to increase, many countries’ talents also hope to come to China for development. We must take advantage of the trend, reform talents to introduce various supporting systems, and build a globally competitive talent system. No matter which country or region, as long as it is a good talent, it can be used for me. This work has been done by some enterprises and research institutes. I went to some enterprises and research institutes, and also talked with these talents imported from abroad. In this regard, we must increase our efforts to continuously improve our ability to allocate talent resources globally.

(9) Industry requirements: focus on self-discipline and healthy development

The development of a company is directly proportional to its social responsibility. Xi Jinping pointed out that China’s Internet enterprises have played an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting employment, and benefiting people’s livelihood, from small to large, from weak to strong. Let the company continue to develop healthily is not only the goal of entrepreneurs but also the needs of national development. The fate of a company is closely related to the development of the country. It is difficult to become stronger and bigger than the support of the state, the disengagement of the masses, and the service to the country and the people.

How to be stronger and bigger? Xi Jinping pointed out the direction: internally, it is necessary to introduce policies to support the development of enterprises, so that they become the main body of technological innovation and become the main body of information industry development. Externally, we must encourage and support China’s network enterprises to go out, deepen Internet international exchanges and cooperation, and actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” to achieve “where the national interests are and where informationization will be covered”. Foreign Internet companies, as long as they comply with our laws and regulations, we are welcome.

How to avoid the phenomenon of “disconnecting one after another, killing one tube” that has often appeared in the past, and embarking on a new road of joint management and benign interaction? Xi Jinping gave the idea: First, insist on encouraging support and standard development in parallel. Enterprises should be encouraged and supported to become the main body of R&D, the main body of innovation, and the main body of industry. Encourage and support the cutting-edge technology of enterprise layout, promote independent innovation of core technologies, create and seize more opportunities, participate in international competition, and expand overseas development space. It is necessary to regulate market order and encourage healthy competition. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed to improve the system of property rights protection with fairness as the core principle, strengthen the protection of property rights of various ownership economic organizations and natural persons, and clean up laws and regulations that violate fairness. These requirements should be put in place as soon as possible. Second, adhere to policy guidance and management according to law. The government should create a favorable environment for enterprise development, accelerate the reform of the examination and approval system, financing system, and patent system, reduce duplication of testing and certification, implement a high-quality and high-price government procurement system, reduce the burden on enterprises, and remove institutional and institutional obstacles. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the process of network legislation, improve the regulatory measures according to law, and resolve network risks. It is necessary to strengthen the management of big data in accordance with the law. Third, adhere to both economic and social benefits. Only a wealth of love is a truly meaningful asset. Only a company that actively assumes social responsibility is the most competitive and vital enterprise. It is hoped that the vast number of Internet companies will adhere to the unity of economic and social benefits, and at the same time of their own development, drink water and source, return the society and benefit the people. We must encourage and support our networked enterprises to go out, deepen the international exchanges and cooperation in the Internet, and actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” to achieve “where the national interests are and where informationization will be covered”. Foreign Internet companies, as long as they comply with our laws and regulations, we are welcome.

(10) International requirements: building a community of destiny

With the multi-polarization of the world, economic globalization, cultural diversity, and in-depth development of social information, the Internet will play a greater role in promoting the progress of human civilization. At the same time, problems such as unbalanced development in the Internet field, unsound rules, and unreasonable order have become increasingly prominent. The information gap between different countries and regions is constantly widening. Existing cyberspace governance rules are difficult to reflect the wishes and interests of most countries; violations of personal privacy, intellectual property rights, cybercrime, etc. occur worldwide, network monitoring, cyber attacks, networks Terrorism and other activities have become global public nuisances.

Faced with these problems and challenges, the international community should strengthen dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust, promote the reform of the global governance system of the Internet, and jointly build a cyberspace of peace, security, openness and cooperation, and establish multilateral, democratic and transparent. The global Internet governance system. It is proposed that “China is willing to work with the international community to adhere to the common prosperity of mankind, adhere to the concept of cyber sovereignty, promote global Internet governance in a more just and rational direction, and promote cyberspace to achieve equal respect, innovative development, open sharing, and security. The goal of the order.”

“The way of benefit is to go with time.” Cyberspace is the common space for human activities. The future of cyberspace should be mastered by all countries in the world. To promote the reform of the global Internet governance system, we should adhere to the four principles. Respect network sovereignty. Maintain peace and security. Promote open cooperation. Build a good order. Countries should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, and jointly build a community of cyberspace destiny. In this regard, I would like to make five points. First, accelerate the construction of global network infrastructure and promote interconnection. Second, create an online cultural exchange and sharing platform to promote exchanges and mutual learning. Third, promote the innovation and development of the network economy and promote common prosperity. Fourth, safeguard network security and promote orderly development. Fifth, build an Internet governance system to promote fairness and justice. It has won the approval of most countries in the world.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the Internet is the common home of mankind and works together to build a community of cyberspace destiny. It is the common responsibility of the international community to make this home more beautiful, cleaner and safer. Let us join hands to jointly promote the interconnection and sharing of cyberspace, share common governance, and help create a better future for human development!

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2016年11月29日,全國網絡扶貧工作現場推進會在江西寧都召開。 “要實施網絡扶貧行動,推進精準扶貧、精準脫貧,讓扶貧工作隨時隨地、四通八達,讓貧困地區群眾在互聯網共建共享中有更多獲得感”,習總書記這一重要指示在紅色革命老區再次宣示,網絡扶貧成為決勝全面小康的新槓桿。





綠色發展是網信事業健康發展的重要保障。信息化產業就是綠色產業,信息化、網絡化正支撐著工業、農業、國防等各個領域的應用和升級,推動著綠色發展、低碳發展、循環發展。要弘揚主旋律,傳播正能量,使網絡空間清朗起來。在2016年4月19日的座談會上習近平指出:“網絡空間天朗氣清、生態良好,符合人民利益。網絡空間烏煙瘴氣、生態惡化,不符合人民利益。” 他還強調:“我們要本著對社會負責、對人民負責的態度,依法加強網絡空間治理,加強網絡內容建設,做強網上正面宣傳,培育積極健康、向上向善的網絡文化,用社會主義核心價值觀和人類優秀文明成果滋養人心、滋養社會,做到正能量充沛、主旋律高昂,為廣大網民特別是青少年營造一個風清氣正的網絡空間。”




2014年,習近平在中央網絡安全和信息化領導小組第一次會議上就特別強調,“要維護網絡空間安全以及網絡數據的完整性、安全性、可靠性,提高維護網絡空間安全能力。”同時,他還要求統籌好網絡安全和信息化的關係,“網絡安全和信息化是一體之兩翼、驅動之雙輪,必須統一謀劃、統一部署、統一推進、統一實施。做好網絡安全和信息化工作,要處理好安全和發展的關係,做到協調一致、齊頭並進,以安全保發展、以發展促安全,努力建久安之勢、成長治之業。” 兩年之後的座談會上,他再次指出,“網絡安全和信息化是相輔相成的。安全是發展的前提,發展是安全的保障,安全和發展要同步推進。從世界範圍看,網絡安全威脅和風險日益突出,並日益向政治、經濟、文化、社會、生態、國防等領域傳導滲透。特別是國家關鍵信息基礎設面臨較大風險隱患,網絡安全防控能力薄弱,難以有效應對國家級、有組織的高強度網絡攻擊。這對世界各國都是一個難題,我們當然也不例外。”















習近平強調,要加快構建關鍵信息基礎設施安全保障體系。金融、能源、電力、通信、交通等領域的關鍵信息基礎設施是經濟社會運行的神經中樞,是網絡安全的重中之重,也是可能遭到重點攻擊的目標。 “物理隔離”防線可被跨網入侵,電力調配指令可被惡意篡改,金融交易信息可被竊取,這些都是重大風險隱患。不出問題則已,一出就可能導致交通中斷、金融紊亂、電力癱瘓等問題,具有很大的破壞性和殺傷力。我們必須深入研究,採取有效措施,切實做好國家關鍵信息基礎設施安全防護。









“得人者興,失人者崩。”習近平強調,建設網絡強國,要把人才資源匯聚起來,建設一支政治強、業務精、作風好的強大隊伍。 “千軍易得,一將難求”,要培養造就世界水平的科學家、網絡科技領軍人才、卓越工程師、高水平創新團隊。















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