Strategic Thinking on Ensuring Ideological & Political Security of Chinese Army // 中國軍媒:確保我軍網上意識形態安全的戰略思考

Strategic Thinking on Ensuring Ideological & Political Security of Chinese Army //



Network era, the information exchange to break the official and civil, military and local boundaries, our army should continue to play the advantages of mobilization, open our army ideological work a new situation. The people are the most extensive and powerful forces involved in the ideological struggle. Our army strives for the dominance of the online ideological struggle. It can not rely solely on the power of propagating and defending the departments. We must also make the people’s faction and stir up the people’s war of online ideological struggle. Our army should play a good mobilization advantage, attract the participation of the masses, and guide the direction of public opinion.

The United States “how to influence China’s national strategy and military strategy,” the report said, “the Internet is our main battle with the Chinese Communist Party.” Western military power has long been the online public opinion struggle into the military strategy, is committed to creating a new network of combat forces.

Military Army: Strategic Thinking on Ensuring the Ideological and Political Security of Our Army

The United States since 2003 in the war in Iraq for the first time to implement the strategic psychological warfare, have made a network war theory update and actual inspection of the record; recently, the US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced the Department of Defense new network action strategy report, For example, the United States and Russia have been able to use the information warfare forces to form a “civil army”, demonize the “invading country” regime, from the “invading country” internal disintegration of its national will, To achieve their own strategic objectives. At present, the United States with the Internet technology and cultural hegemony to develop Internet rules, selling political system and cultural ideas, leading the direction of ideological struggle; our military in the key information infrastructure construction, network impact in a weak, facing control, Shaped, interpreted, tagged dilemma, cyberspace security coping overall is still hovering at the tactical level non-strategic level. In the era of media, cyberspace has become the second “living space” of mankind. Our army should be in danger and know ourselves, and attach great importance to the study of cyber ideology struggle strategy and compete for the initiative of online ideological struggle.

1, take the initiative to force the Sword, to seize the high ground of ideological struggle


The Internet is the main battlefield of ideological struggle. The main battlefield failed to master the initiative, decided in the field of ideology in the passive situation. In recent years, including the United States, including Google, Apple, “the eight King Kong” all-round penetration into the network space in China through the opening of the “back door” for the US government to provide information, and pervasive way to push me Western values; , Support the “elite” voice, so that with the help of the Internet openly for the Western head; continuous technological innovation, by virtue of “shadow Internet” and other means to circumvent me

Network control system to support Hong Kong “accounted for” and other subversive separatist activities; leading issues set for China’s military development has been intensive throw “China’s military threat theory”, “China’s spy activities,” “Sino-US military conflict theory” and “South China Sea navigation freedom” and other issues, from the academic, public opinion on me completely suppressed.

In contrast to our military, there are still used in the theoretical study of fried rice, in the propaganda work instilled the preaching, stereotyped in the discourse system, often in the subject matter when the aphasia, weak and weak in the supervision of the phenomenon, not only cause my mainstream ideology Spread the dilemma, but also for the hostile forces to attack my ideological position left a gap. Network ideological struggle, such as against the current sailing,

In the face of the aggressive challenges of the United States and the West, the attack is more advantageous than the defense. Our army must recognize the seriousness of the threat of online ideology and face the above-mentioned deficiencies. Through the all-round change of the thinking idea and working mode, initiative.

The first stage to try to reverse our army passively cope with the situation, lay the online ideological struggle “fighter war”. China is currently the most important strategic opponents of cyber space in the United States, the United States will undoubtedly be its core technology, hegemony and other positions to prevent clinging, want to catch up with its core technology in the short term is not feasible. Our army should not only have the courage to fight the Sword, but also learn to “dance with the wolf”, on the one hand should focus on the matter, in the face of Western issues when the attack in a timely manner to respond, one said, change the traditional conservative ideology work concept, , To avoid the main network-like attitude, or another way to transfer is not conducive to our military wave of public opinion, beware of the Chinese story was misinterpreted, misreading; on the other hand can identify the opponent’s weaknesses, pain hard, propaganda interpretation of the Western scandal, Democratic system malpractice, judging the plight of capitalist development. Learn from the opponents of the struggle, give full play to the role of capitalist countries, in the foreign media, business operations, cooperation and cultural exchanges in the promotion.

The second stage is based on my main counterattack, lay the ideological struggle of the Internet “position war.” The use of the first stage of the development of technology development opportunities, and vigorously promote technological innovation, can bypass the United States and other Western countries accounted for overwhelming advantages of the technical barriers to achieve such as quantum communications technology monopoly, relying on the new platform to implement the ideological strategy to counter; To maintain national ideological security from the traditional security field to the field of cyberspace extension, and actively establish a network space cooperation with other countries, based on Chinese cultural traditions, value system and military practice, to build beyond the West, in line with China’s actual discourse system for the international community Innovative discourse, for our army modernization, national defense policy and the military system name.

2, to support the legislation, to the superiority of the people to achieve the mainstream ideology of soft conquest


Hard power is the fundamental support of soft power, Western ideology has been able to prevail in the world, the key lies in the capitalist countries generally developed economy, people’s living standards are higher, and the key to the upsurge in the Soviet Union is the national economy almost collapse, political Cleaning loss of people, social contradictions continue to intensify. Revolutionary war years, our army suffered inside and outside the attack, but resist the West “peaceful evolution”, the fundamental reason is that when our ideological work to do the “inner saints outside the king.” Reflection of the current, part of the unit and the individual army is not strict, improper words and deeds, misconduct, weakened the army combat effectiveness, discredited the image of the army, for those who have ulterior motives attacked my system, leaving the relationship between the party and the party left a mess, as hostile forces To achieve its political purpose to provide a convenient space.

In addition, the value orientation and behavior of the composition of the officers and men are undergoing profound changes. Once the loss of their trust is caused by the corruption of the military, it is easy to cause the ideal and the landslide, which opens the gap for the infiltration of the West. For a period of time, our army dealing with the behavior of anomorphosis often lost in the wide, lost in the soft, especially Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou case hit the officers and men “three view”, while the United States to intensify the push of the bourgeoisie to build the military concept, To carry out the deterrence, attack our army unique advantages, which makes our ideological work into a double dilemma. Network era information cohabitation, the face of hostile forces deliberately slander more need “their own hard”.

Our army should play a good way to put forward the traditional advantages of truth, first put the facts, and then tell the truth, to an open and inclusive attitude to the Internet users to monitor the military and the Internet to achieve good interaction, and as a driving force to improve the style Adhere to the line of words and deeds; adhere to the network space management and the reality of space norms both hands, the military’s own problems, neither whitewash short and not allowed to make rumors, eliminate negative thoughts, the root causes of public opinion, to our military good image against Western attack penetration, Enhance the mainstream ideology of inspiration.

3, to network network, to enhance our ideological struggle of the network thinking


The development of the Internet has spawned all-round changes in social structure, way of thinking and behavior. In the face of online ideological struggle, our army must accurately grasp the changes in the mechanism of competition. The network originated in the West, grew up in the West, the West not only has a comparative advantage in technology, but also highly compatible with the Internet culture, cloud computing, large data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are the first breakthrough in the West, the network center war and other Internet operations concept by the US military The first proposed, the Internet “rules of conduct” is also dominated by the West, the United States is the world’s major sources of information. And our army in the online ideological struggle is still at a disadvantage, such as can not keep up with the Internet age changes, will fall into a completely passive situation.

At present, our army has a strong desire and motive to make a good “network gateway”, and the problem of planning breakthroughs in online ideological struggle is basically clear, but it still lacks the organic integration of “Internet + ideological struggle” and can not really grasp the struggle The right to speak. In the face of the grim situation of online ideological struggle, our army needs an Internet “brainstorming”, and comprehensively enhance the ability of online ideological security. To break the core technology monopoly as the main focus, breaking the United States to contain my “life door”, the construction of its own information transmission system and network security protection system, and strive to lead the innovation and technology around the world, lay the ideological “backhand” But also the Internet communication requires creative thinking, the first machine awareness, platform operation and action ability, but also to promote the development of the Internet, but also to promote the development of the Internet, The barracks should follow the trend, as soon as possible to develop a variety of network broadcast and other media, try to mainstream cultural communication embedded in creative industries.

4, close the rule of law cage, remove the online ideological position “noise”


The development of new media technology to open the “everyone has a microphone,” the law of the times of transmission changes, public opinion, more difficult to control, thinking more and more intense competition, but according to the law of the network network did not follow the footsteps.

The current urgent problem is: the phenomenon of my ideological security is widespread, part of the hostile forces openly clamoring, the Western hostile forces not only in my territory to cultivate “well known” “big V”, the purchase of network water army, organization of cults, Extreme forces and other extreme anti-communist elements into the network of public opinion, resulting in a variety of hazards to national and military security information is full of network information platform.

At present, the army information construction in full swing, our army for the new media management legislation process is lagging behind, the network regulation system is not perfect, the lack of norms of online ideological struggle, part of the behavior of the ideological security is illegal, how to deal with the language is not detailed.

On the one hand, the normal ideological control is often misinterpreted as restricting freedom of speech. Once used by hostile forces, it may cause the military officers and soldiers to fluctuate, leading to further deterioration of the situation. On the other hand, due to the lack of relevant norms, Or even often for a small number of wrong acts “pay”, resulting in ideological murmur is not cleared, over time, the ideological institutions of the credibility of a serious decline in the military and the state may also fall into the “Tacitus trap.”

Online ideological struggle from the value of the political system of confrontation, but may be expressed as “to ideology” of public opinion and popular culture. Information in the cyberspace “fission” propagation. The process does not rule out the ulterior motives of the individual groups add oil and vinegar, fueled. Therefore, to win the ideological struggle on the Internet, our army should maintain the ideological security issues in accordance with the law into a strategic position, consolidate the military environment, improve domestic legislation, and resolutely combat the behavior of moral hazard, and create a good online public opinion ecology.

First, the height of the overall national security to promote the legislative amendment, focusing on the norms of cultural transmission in the field of “rent-seeking” phenomenon, management loopholes, powers and responsibilities unclear, poor supervision and other issues to ensure that the work of law, There must be law.

Second, according to the law, the frequent dissemination of bad information on the implementation of accurate monitoring of the site, according to the law should be ordered to rectify the deadline for the threat of ideological security, the negative information according to the law to remove. Third, strict enforcement of law enforcement, illegal research, to endanger our ideological and ideological security of the implementation of full-time monitoring, the spread of negative public opinion of the organization, individuals and the performance of poor supervision departments, resolutely according to law, Outside the earth, the formation of the rule of law deterrence.

5, pay attention to the integration of military and civilian, launched the ideological struggle of the people of the war


Historically, our army in combat and the implementation of military missions before the fighting to mobilize, to boost morale to stimulate morale, while fighting for a wide range of mass support. Whether it is mobilization speech, news propaganda or brief loud fighting slogans, lively forms of literature and art, have played an indelible role, so that our army justice, civilization, the image of mighty people, for our army to integrate military resources, The people’s war laid a good foundation.

Network era, the information exchange to break the official and civil, military and local boundaries, our army should continue to play the advantages of mobilization, open our army ideological work a new situation. The people are the most extensive and powerful forces involved in the ideological struggle. Our army strives for the dominance of the online ideological struggle. It can not rely solely on the power of propagating and defending the departments. We must also make the people’s faction and stir up the people’s war of online ideological struggle. Our army should play a good mobilization advantage, attract the participation of the masses, and guide the direction of public opinion.

At the same time, we should use a good network platform, the use of good hidden in the people of the huge energy, the patriotic enthusiasm of the Internet users to the positive grooming, the formation of the mainstream ideology of the sea, so that our army fortress indestructible, so that hostile forces abroad quit. The integration of military and civilian people can effectively break the problem of insufficient strength of our army in the ideological struggle of the Internet. First of all, lack of platform construction led to the voice of our army can not pass, the situation can not open. In recent years, our army in the dissemination of platform construction is still inadequate. Our military is currently more influential several news sites updated slowly, the news content is still biased towards the traditional propaganda, preaching, the emerging military-related information is also due to the existence of the above problems, so that “lack of capacity” and our army in New media, the use of new platforms often “half a beat”.

We should strengthen cooperation and cooperation with local government media and private media. At the same time, from the media University, well-known enterprises, network celebrities invited experienced people, regular exchange training, absorption of media construction advanced experience, accelerate the improvement of network-related military guidance platform, to create a group of audiences wide visible High-quality brand media. Second, the network crisis on the lack of capacity led to our army often aphasia. At present, the construction of our military space space is limited, staffing is insufficient, leading to information monitoring, filtering capacity is limited, the negative information of the army once fermented for public opinion, relying on the existing technical means and human resources will be difficult to effectively deal with, will make me The military is caught in the unfavorable situation of online ideological struggle.

Therefore, our military should strengthen cooperation with local functional departments to strengthen military and field network engineers to develop information monitoring software and filtering system, so that malicious spread of the rhetoric difficult to spread. At the same time, a wide range of local talent for the use of our military, while absorbing veterans into the local ideological work team, jointly cultivate a group of political excellent, new thinking, technical fine, skilled public opinion analysis, public opinion, network supervision Authoritarian network administrator team, the formation of the people’s war indestructible trend.

Original Mandarin Chinese:

網絡時代,信息交互打破了官方和民間、軍隊和地方的界限 ,我軍應繼續發揮動員優勢,打開我軍意識形態工作新局面。人民群眾是參與意識形態鬥爭最廣泛、最強勁的力量,我軍爭取網上意識形態鬥爭主導權,不能只依靠宣傳保衛部門的力量,還必須做好軍民融合,打響網上意識形態鬥爭的人民戰爭。我軍要發揮好動員優勢,吸引群眾參與,引導輿論走​​向。






互聯網是意識形態鬥爭主戰場。主戰場上未能掌握主導權,決定了我國在意識形態領域處於被動接招的態勢。近年來,包含谷歌、蘋果在內的美“八大金剛”全方位滲透到我國網絡空間,通過開“後門”為美國政府提供情報,並無孔不入地向我推送西方價值理念;培養“第五縱隊” 、扶植“精英”發聲,使之借助互聯網影響力公然為西方張目;持續技術創新,憑藉“影子互聯網”等手段規避我



































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