China NPC Emphasis on Solving National Security System Issues//中國家安全體系「全國人大會議公布了《十三五規劃綱要(草案)》


March 5, 2016 during the Chinese NPC and CPPCC, National People’s Congress announced the “Thirteen Five-Year Plan (draft)”, under the title “establishment of a national security system,” complete the chapter, first expounded on China’s implementation of “the country’s overall security View of concrete ideas “in. Prior to that, although related concepts to promote its fast, but in addition to the super-agency “National Security Council” has been officially running, as well as a small amount of the agency personnel arrangements, almost no more news.

The first place to prevent hostile forces subversive

From an international perspective, “Comprehensive security concept” for a class is not the first thought. After all, since the end of the Cold War, the security environment upheaval, insecurity diversification, already is a common phenomenon faced by countries. But domestic letters of “overall national security” still kill any world trend, because this piece can be described as all-encompassing grand – covering “political, land, military, economic, cultural, social, science and technology, information, ecology, resources …… and nuclear safety. ”

Although the “official stereotyped” perfect frame Description: “people-safe for the purpose, as the fundamental political security, economic security, based on the Social Security for the protection of military culture in order to promote international security as the basis”, but this piece is clearly ambitious where to start challenge.

When “KNB” first appeared in late 2013 eighteen Third Plenary Session of the resolution, only to see hastily put some “innovative social governance” at the end. Until five months later, the agency announced that it has officially running, trying to explain its official mouthpiece of great significance, it is still mainly externally or internally, vary.

During the two sessions, elaborate “Thirteen five Outline” published by the NPC session, so this kind of ambiguity resolved.

Although the outline, “national sovereignty security regime” concept beautifully, has made the world’s political circles unheard of, but more surprising is that in the fight against the three forces’ violent terror, ethnic separatism, religious extremism “previous activity, will also impressively “hostile forces infiltrate subversive activity” in the first place.

Obviously, to prevent subversion of urgency regime was as if beyond the anti-terrorism, anti-spyware and other traditional threats to national security.

Traditionally, law enforcement departments, the Ministry of Public Security and the famous “national security” system, and its huge cost “stability maintenance” system billions compared to only as a spy / Ministry of National Security Abwehr, more in line with narrowly “national security” concept. The system has also been set up at all levels of “national security leadership team,” leading narrow “national security” and its work force.

Jiang Zemin period, Beijing began to envy the role of the US National Security Council (NSC) at the highest decision-making. As president advisory body, NSC members including President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Minister of Finance, Minister of Defence and National Security Affairs Assistant to the President, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of highest operational commander and director of national intelligence, were appointed to act as the statutory military advisers and intelligence advisers, other government departments and competent officials, invited participants only when needed.

“The Central Leading Group for National Security,” in the year 2000, although the head of the pro-Jiang, but deputy head in charge of foreign affairs for the Central Committee, the Central Foreign Affairs Office director concurrently by the Office, in particular from the group and “Foreign Affairs Leading Group “under one roof, the main coordinating its national security and external affairs. Although not as good as NSC high level, because China and the US but the basic political structure fundamentally different, are also considered to meet the conditions of moderate learning.

Jiang later period, the Chinese domestic policy increasingly independent, and the West in the system of values ​​and rules of becoming the opposition, senior party growing emphasis on co-ordination “International and Domestic Situation.” After learning more individuals came to power centralization, theoretical innovation and the urgent need to safeguard stability of the regime. Thus, despite the increased legitimacy, the study of “KNB” is still brewing since Jiang Zemin claimed, but the design of the system may differ.

Thus, the Chinese Communist Party and the previous system separately, in order to avoid the party on behalf of the administration and other rare progress, is now being accused of “fragmentation, excessive power scattered.” By adding a permanent body, will the party, government, military, law, economics, culture and even social life, and where the “national security” detached power clean sweep, then became “the country to explore a new way of governance.”

Now, in “Baidu Encyclopedia” in terms of self-built, actually it was assumed added, “National Security Council People’s Republic of China” entry, content only involved “state security committee.”

Beijing whether through a constitutional amendment to set up a shadow-style “national KNB” hard to say. However, by the time the CPC Central Committee, the National Security Committee to get the full decision-making power for national security affairs, responsible only to the Politburo and its Standing Committee. As heads of the supreme legislative body of the People’s Congress, only its Vice-President, the National Security Committee of the degree of centralization, even beyond the Central Military Commission.In contrast, the United States NSC decisions, but also to exercise its statutory powers to rely on the President and subject to legislative, judicial checks and balances.

Further overhead Politburo and State Council

The current maximum suspense, or “KNB” materialized, decision-making and institutional settings large to what extent.

An analogy example, although in the network area, the original Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Industry, the Central Foreign Affairs Office / State Council Information Office, Press and Publication Administration and other agencies bull management, but also from 18 Third Plenary session of the decision, the CPC network security and information technology leadership team established in 2014 (referred to as the “net channel group”) / national Internet information office of People’s Republic of China ( “the State Council informatization office”), and set up a separate large business functions, took a lot of network management and monitoring powers.

At the top of its home page, the two names are alternately displayed, complete with party and government bodies.

Rationale for establishing this institution, because the State Department is also the system’s “National Informatization Leading Group” and their offices, “the State Council Information Office” (also referred to as the “State Council Informatization Office”) is difficult to coordinate the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, the NPC, etc. authority. However, the greater the motivation or senior party controls the Internet public exigencies, and the use of information warfare means to challenge the United States needs. To promote the domestic information technology process, the agency more than the promotion of hand shackles.

Regression KNB, although it has been interpreted as “national security and crisis handling the national level a permanent establishment,” but until March 2016, in the list of institutions directly under the CPC Central Committee and the Communist Party of China Xinhua News Network, the former are still ” central leading group for national security, “and not see” KNB. ”

Although “KNB” was praised as “reduce rules, enhance decision-making efficiency,” but in what things must be raised to this level resolved, which can be left in the original POLITICAL, military and diplomatic level processing is difficult to untangle.

It is with the Central Political and Law Commission as “directly under the central authorities,” the division of labor? It as “directly under the central coordinating body of procedure” in policing governance, anti-anti-cult operations, stability, maritime rights and interests, possession of Xinjiang, financial security, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, net letter, confidentiality, the working group password (Note: the full name of each team name how to end the relationship) is? In the end how it Ministry of National Security and other government departments, as well as relations with the National Commission on cross-border and coastal defense ministries overseas Chinese citizens and institutions security work inter-ministerial joint conference and many other bureaucracies? I’m afraid that deep-rooted concerns about its effect, less effective, was not excessive.

From The National People’s Congress issued the “Outline”, the more difficult to find: as the basic starting point for the study of governance, the starting point and one of the ultimate value, political, land, economy, society, resources and networks, and other key areas are security policy and called for long-term goals, important areas, major reforms, major projects, programs and policies, require safety risk assessment.

This means that, even if only partially materialized, due to the requirement that all focus areas, all national security coordination mechanism established to maintain, “KNB” already with “deep change Team” (Note: Comprehensively Deepening the Reform Leading Group) as tantamount to a indeed affect the whole body, brought together a large number of power “small government.”

In addition to further overhead Politburo and State Council, set in one of the highest authority, through several sets of much needless repetition mechanism, calling the shots. However executor, it is still the same set of ministries and local, its efficiency, and can really ensure the complex demands of national security in a reasonable portion, not optimistic.

March 5, 2016, Beijing, China, in front of the Great Hall of People’s Liberation Army soldiers walked.Photo: Damir Sagolj / REUTERS

Endanger the interests of the former National Security Systems division, to stimulate the “spy” Country

It can be expected that with the proposed “Thirteen five Outline” “overall national security”, and in the rise of influence “KNB”, the original continent “national security”, “national security” systems are at risk.

“National security” has recently been rumored to be canceled. It is believed that its intelligence gathering in the field of domestic politics to defend the building (social monitoring) hidden forces, investigation of cases against dissent, control ethnic / religious positions against cults and other functions, will disperse to more legalization of criminal investigation and law and order department. Entered into force in 1993, “National Security Law” in 2014 was much more narrowly “anti-spyware law” instead.

And “Thirteen five Outline”, requires the integration of monitoring and early warning systems in different areas, intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities. From the work of national intelligence to see the movements of specific legislation, “national security” system will inevitably lose power “national security” monopoly.

This stimulus, 2014, 2015, Ministry of State Security systems, proactive disclosure reports uncovered espionage significantly increased, but in the end these cases leaked it?

March 2015, published by the National Security Henan province since the first espionage case, a taxi driver observed the airborne unit of foreign institutional Airport, the surrounding circumstances and models; July Sichuan national security nearly a decade for the first time publicly disclosed the spy case, a military unit 4 leakers, provided some military types, quantity, special materials, setting the test time and fault conditions, some provide aerospace internal publications; November, Jilin Baishan Jun captured the partitions a foreign spy shooting and hand-painted Chinese border troops distribution.

These cases certainly have leaked military secrets, but the scope and extent been greatly exaggerated. In recent years, Beijing strengthened its online publication and transmission of state secrets supervision, the biggest problem is still the “secret infinity.” Although Beijing has in recent years to speed up the clear “given secret” work “secret” and “non-secret” boundaries, but because the concept of paranoia, coupled with bureaucratic agencies should rely on “secret” to eat, they do not want to bear responsibility for the secret too wide, Fuzzy boundaries situation no better.

In fact, some experts mainland when rendering espionage threat, has admitted “we take the initiative to trafficking intelligence” indicating that “China also collect / buy foreign intelligence”; an expert in the Ministry of State Security emphasis on “cyber espionage nearly the year more and more active, “to actually” see them from the Internet’s remarks can be found in a number of valuable intelligence “as an example, but the latter is completely unlawful.

Henan above case, there is the Baidu from China “high One” satellite photographs taken by the airport, accurate to 20 meters, “Baidu Panorama” provides a neighboring street to the nearest airport each shop, military fans in China understanding Air transporter models thousands; Sichuan cases, internal publications fuzzy nature, contained a lot of technical discussion with the same military production. And unavoidably, everything is secret practice is nothing more than a cover closed, inefficient, and defects behind Beijing’s military, these are not exposed and supervision, the harm is far more than this information about the outside world.

At the same time, the Confidentiality Commission / Secrets systems have long been cured departmental interests, such as to secrecy, mandatory use map products “Nonlinear confidential treatment technology”, is formed on the map with the location of the actual existence of 100 to 600 meters random deviations. Such an approach, in addition to the official mapping agencies to create huge gains, related to the national industries and national tremendous trouble, there are no secret role – because the location does not become a military objective entity, foreign intelligence agencies and the military does not rely on Chinese map, which judged and attacks unaffected.

Of course, this by no means departmental interests to “spy” Country situation all causes.Overall, Beijing also needed on the mainland society, frequently rendering national security is facing a critical situation, hidden front struggle intense, so trees enemy awareness, inspire patriotic enthusiasm and even xenophobic, secretly strengthen social control.

Moreover, since the Beijing powers and budget oversight from society, the party and the national government itself parents, as long as the name of security, from the whole to the details, any information can be disclosed only to those who choose favorable, remaining airtight, so that with “espionage “Ruling tool if fabulous.

At the same time, Beijing legislative activity in recent years, national security and social stability and other interests in the name of full citizens with increased surveillance, public security mandatory intervention of civil liberties and privileges of the investigation.

November 2015, the National Security Office Jilin even announced espionage and accepted nationwide hotline to report clues, for reasons that remain unknown. The department asked citizens to report suspicious persons “spy, traitor, instigation personnel, intelligence agents, the external agents”, etc., but this is only a political rather than a legal concept concepts also include standard suspicious signs purely surface, many of which are only legal status or the performance of speech, may be entirely unrelated espionage, where “sensitive issues” and “reactionary remarks” but not operational on legal concepts.

Obviously, not called for such a system to report the current espionage, but a wide range of East German-style citizen informers and mutual monitoring, did not say infringe on civil liberties, even in the “dictatorship” discourse system, misunderstanding, framed and frame risks are high.

Criminal Law Amendment (IX), adopted in August 2015, the night the new information network security management refused to fulfill the obligations crime, the crime of illegal use of the information network, information network to help crime and criminal activities, to disrupt the order of state organs crime, the crime of illegal financing of the organization gathering fabricated deliberately spreading false information crime, the crime should be no public disclosure of information on cases of crime reporting and disclosure of information should not be disclosed in the cases, the other 20 counts, terrifying.

The case of Gao Yu, and bookstores case Causeway Bay, but are just beginning.

All this shows that in China, “national security” concept epitaxial greatly expanded, not only to adapt to contemporary national security multifactor interwoven trend, and it is a power struggle and the rule of magic weapon too superficial. In essence, it is the Beijing regime concentrated outpouring of anxiety. The “Thirteen Five Outline” in “protect country” a new action also marks the communist countries in times of crisis, to strengthen the “police state” color of nature, is rapidly recovering.

Note: Team organization full name:

The Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Social Security, the Central Cult Prevention and Handling of the Leading Group, the Central Leading Group for the maintenance of stability, the central leading group for marine rights and interests, the Central Tibetan Coordination Leading Group, the Central Coordination Group Xinjiang, the Central Steering Committee on Financial Security, the CPC central / State Department double identity Taiwan Affairs leading group, Hong Kong and Macao work coordination group, a centralized network security and information technology leading group, the central Committee and the central password confidentiality work leading group.

Original Mandarin Chinese:


2016年3月5日,中國北京,解放軍士兵在人民大會堂前走過。攝:Damir Sagolj/REUTERS
2015年11月,吉林省國家安全廳竟然公佈了接受全國範圍間諜行為和線索舉報的專線電話,原因至今不明。該部門要求公民舉報可疑人員「間諜、內姦、策反人員、情報員、外圍代理人」 等,但這只是政治概念而非法律概念,列舉的可疑標準也純屬表面跡象,很多是合法身份或僅表現為言論,完全可能與間諜毫無關係,其中的「敏感問題」和「反動言論」更不是法律上可操作的概念。

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